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Optimo remix Cold Cave, pt. 2

Last week, we gave you a download of "Life Magazine (An Optimo (Espacio) Mix)" which will appear on Cold Cave's Life Magazine Remixes 12".

Because we just can't stop sharing, we're kicking off this week with a free download of an entirely different mix provided by Optimo. The alternate, "Optimo (Espacio) Flexi Pop Mix" of "Life Magazine" will NOT be available on the vinyl version of the EP and is available right now as what we in the biz tenderly call "a freakin' awesome online exclusive".

Cold Cave - "Life Magazine (Optimo (Espacio) Flexi Pop Mix)" [160 kbps]

The Life Magazine Remixes EP will be available on vinyl on June 8 and is available on the Matador Store for pre-order now.

Don't forget to catch Cold Cave on their UK/EU tour, which is happening RIGHT NOW.

Mission Of Burma in the studio

Some photos of Burma recording their new album at Q-Division studios Squid Hell studios in Somerville Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts this week. All photos by Bob Weston.

Roger Miller describes the album as "Casual but pretty rock. Doesn't seem to suck." Which, if true, would be a major departure on two fronts. The band has been blogging each day of the recording on their website.

Holiday thoughts

At this time of year we often get sentimental and review the contents of old archive folders. I found this letter in there from an Edna Johnson. Back in the pre-internet days, stuff like this got circulated from office to office via photocopier and fax. Miss u, pre-internet.

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