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Ceremony on WNYU's Crucial Chaos tonight at 9:00PM EDT

(Flyer by Aldona Watts. Click here for a neat animated/audio version by Noah Venezia.)

Normally I'd expand upon the subject line but really the only thing you need to know that's not on the above flyer is that you can listen online at

Hopefully those of you who are in Austin already know that you can and should see Ceremony at the following shows:

Friday, March 16, Brooklyn Vegan / Power of the Riff / Thrasher / Converse “Death Match”, Scoot Inn, 1308 E. 4th St. , 2pm (free)

Saturday, March 17, Mess With Texas, outside stage,  1105 E. 5th St., 2:45pm (free)
Saturday, March 17, Flower Booking Presents at Red 7, 611 E. 7th St., 8pm (official SXSW showcase, badges and wristbands get priority)

If you're stuck in whatever crummy burg you call home, though, tune in to Crucial Chaos tonight and get a taste of what you're missing.

Lee Ranaldo - seeing the sights of Europe (not Austin)

So whilst all one or two of those in the US music industry see it necessary to jet off for some essential music business type stuff (including, but not limited to 'homeless hotspots'. owl buses and a giant shopping cart) to save the future of the music industry, those of us in the UK are holding down the fort here on the matablog, takeover style.

So Mr Lee Ranaldo is heading over to Europe in May, we already told you about the London and Primavera Sound shows, but he's wisely filled in the rest of the dates around the continent, plus there's still dates in Holland, Denmark and Germany yet to be confirmed.

Those of you in the US still have shows throughout May and a NYC in-store.  Everyone everywhere can also enjoy the wonders of Lee's new album right now.


31 Barcelona - Primavera -


2 Dudingen - Kilbi -

3 Paris - La Maroquinerie -

4 Antwerp - Trix -

6 London - Scala -

7 Leeds - Brudenell -

9 Porto - Primavera -


Keep an eye on the blog the rest of this week for more thrilling non-sxsw stories.

Matador & True Panther Sounds In Austin, TX This Week

Notice how careful I was not to use the trademarked brand-name, S---- By S--------?  That's because the several of the events below require neither a badge nor a wristband to attend.  We've helpfully pointed out the exceptions, however.  As always, we're thrilled to bits to taking part, even in the tiniest of ways, in this great annual rock biz circle jerk (that sometimes features former members of the Circle Jerks) and on behalf of my fellow Austin residents, I'd like to welcome you to America's most self-satisfied Live Music Parking Lot Capitol.

This doesn't mean, however, you can come over to my house.

Friday, March 16, Brooklyn Vegan / Power of the Riff / Thrasher / Converse "Death Match", Scoot Inn, 1308 E. 4th St. , 2pm (free)

Saturday, March 17, Mess With Texas, outside stage,  1105 E. 5th St., 2:45pm (free)
Saturday, March 17, Flower Booking Presents at Red 7, 611 E. 7th St., 8pm*

Monday, March 12, The Mohawk (inside stage), 10:20pm, (free)

Wednesday, March 14,  Bar 96, 96 Rainey Street, 10pm*  (with Screaming Females, Titus Andronicus)

Thursday, March 15,  Mess With Texas, 1105 E. 5th St., 1pm (with The Men, Cults)
Thursday, March 15,  Brooklyn Vegan Presents at Hotel Vegas, 1500 E. 6th St., 4pm (free)

Saturday, March 17, Red Eyed Fly, 715 Red River, 2pm (free) (with Bleached)
Saturday March 17, Pure Volume House at Roy's, 340 E. 2nd St., 4:15pm (with Cymbals Eat Guitars) (free)

Thursday, March 15, Mess With Texas, 1100 E. 5th St., 3pm (free)
Thursday, March 15, High Road Booking Presents at Stubb's, 801 Red River, 10pm*

Friday, March 16, Rhapsody Party, Club DeVille, 900 Red River  1:4pm (with Washed Out, Zola Jesus) (free)
Friday, March 16, Windish Agency Presents at ND Studios, 501 North IH-35, 8pm *

Saturday, March 17, Mess With Texas, 1105 E. 5th St., 4pm (free)

* - official SXSW event : badges and wristbands get first shot.  Venue might elect to sell tickets if they're not at capacity.


The Young's Very Hectic Mid-March Schedule In Austin, TX

A number of Matador / True Panther Sounds artists will be playing multiple times in and around Austin during the week of March 12-17, including but not limited to Girls, Ceremony, Tanlines, and The Young.  An exhaustive update of all the relevant shows is coming next week, but since The Young bothered to make their own poster for the occasion(s)*, they're getting THE EARLY PUSH.

*- 3/14 Bar 96 w/ Titus Andronicus and Screaming Females, official SXSW event (badges/wristbands get first crack)
3/15 MWTX  free show w/ The Men, RSVP here.

The Young - Livin' Free (192k MP3)

The Young
The Young - Facebook
The Young - Twitter

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