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Chick-fil-A : No Match For The Frogs

(as seen in Nashville, TN photo : Garland Gallaspy, CEO, Dreams Unlimited)

Sure, they're closed on Sundays. But you know damn well what we do on Saturdays.

Dennis Flemion

(l-r : Dennis, some guy, Jimmy)

Dennis Flemion, one half of the Milwaukee duo known as The Frogs, was identified earlier today as the missing swimmer from a Saturday afternoon disappearance on Racine, WI's Wind Lake.

With their recordings for the Matador, Homestead, Four Alarm and Scratchie labels, but most importantly thru their exhaustive 'Made Up Songs' cassettes (and later compact discs), Dennis and brother Jimmy were one of the most crucial, if not one of the strangest American bands of the last quarter century. Though best known (and not universally beloved) for the explicit subject matter found on 'It's Only Right & Natural', as well as for their associations with a number of celebrity patrons, the Frogs' comedic gifts have occasionally (and I'd say unfairly) overshadowed their musical depth. Much as 'It's Only Right & Natural' was a huge conceptual departure from their self-issued debut, subsequent works like 1997's grunge-baiting 'Star Job' were a world away from from the DIY folk affectations of 'IOR&N'. With the possible exception of Bob Pollard, it's hard to think of anyone nearly as prolific as the Flemions, and you could certainly make a case for their catalog being every bit as impressive.

While I'd hate to put too much focus on just one part of the Frogs oeuvre, the initial 'Made Up Songs' cassettes (the first couple of which constituted the bulk of 'It's Only Right & Natural' as well as the subsequent Matador LP, 'My Daughter The Broad') were probably played in my home, car, head, as much as any music recorded before or since. There was certainly a stretch of my life in the late 1980's in which you were not leaving my apartment if you hadn't heard "I've Done Drugs (Out Of The Mist)" at least once. I suspect there's others who have similar stories. There are few "what the fuck was that?" moments in music that quite compare to someone's reaction the first time you play them The Frogs.

Dennis was without question, one of the funniest persons I've ever encountered. Painfully so.  It would not be an exaggeration to say there were several times in which his verbal evisceration chops were almost impossible to keep up with (those who've attended Frogs shows over the years know exactly what I'm talking about).

There's a couple of new Frogs albums that came out last week on iTunes ; 'Squirrel Bunny Juniper Deluxe' and 'Count Yer Blessingz'. The Dennis that we saw onstage would've recognized this tragic event as a huge opportunity to plug some new recordings. Sans wig, drum sticks, etc. he might've preferred I'd not even mention it. The fantastic output and fleeting moments of near-fame aside, I hope he's remembered as a really sweet guy first, and a hugely talented artist second. Our thoughts go out to Jimmy, the rest of the Flemion family, their friends and everyone who was lucky enough to know Dennis.  Simply saying, "he'll be missed" doesn't come close to covering it.

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