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Paul Banks Playing Complex CMJ Event - Judgment Night

Big ups to Blake Thomas for reminding us of one of the greatest conference room marketing ideas ever to come to fruition, the Judgment Night soundtrack.

And in this spirit, Complex is throwing a big party at The House of Vans in Brooklyn on Thursday, October 18.   It is called "Judgment Night" and will feature two stages across from each other trading blows... rap vs. rock.  Our very own Paul Banks is headlining the rock stage with Action Bronson closing the night out. Check out the line-up, including Alchemist DJ'ing all night, Purrp, Ratking and the very awesome Savages, who are playing one of their very first shows in the US.

And don't forget to check out the big Paul Banks show featuring 98% less rap on November 13 at Webster Hall.  Tickets available here.

And as a last reminder, watch the Paul doc, it's rad.

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T.P. Orchestre Poly-Rythmo de Cotonou

This '70s group from the African country of Benin (or in its earlier incarnation Dahomey) has been kicking my ass lately. Poly-Rythmo recorded every imaginable type of African popular music - rhumba, funk, calypso, blues, Beninois folklore - but manage to imprint their elegantly loping, loose style onto every one. They released over 50 LPs and 100 7"es, mostly on the Albarika Store label, before guitarist Papillon died in the early '80s.

T.P. stands for "Tout Puissant," a moniker used by other African groups such as Franco's OK Jazz.

Thanks to Analog Africa for posting this video from a videocassette. If this piques your interest, search out the Kings Of Benin compilation on the excellent Soundway label.

Full Scale Prank

Pranks, from one extreme to another. If anyone can pull it off it's Jeremy Beadle.

Patrick Amory: March 12, 1983

Painstakingly fished from the Live at The Bradford Ballroom, March 12, 1983 DVD that accompanies Vs.

Shat In The (Linkin Park's) Van!!

No square inch of scenery left to chew, no square inch of Shatner's ass to kiss, and no clips of the interview on YouTube yet, but one can enjoy Mike Patton exploring everything that happened in music between The Infectious Grooves and Linkin Park!

We Must Admit...Tony Victory Has Never Looked Or Sounded Better


(link swiped from Boing

Has Anybody Consulted Bobby Steele About This?


Lonnie Donnegan. Skiffle king. Dead man. Ardent supporter of retrospective copyright term extension. 

Youth : Wasted On The Young


Perhaps the most depressing thing about that New York Times article on the nu-breed of kid rockers was learning the most highly touted of the bunch just sound like a watered down Times New Viking. (video link from Skinny Robbie)

Alan Freeman dies aged 79

Alan 'Fluff' Freeman 

A sad sad day for us Brits....

Rest in peace Fluff

You Don't Have To Be From Jersey To Miss Uncle Floyd...


....but it probably helps. 

They All Checked Their Ego At The Door

Long before the phrase "make poverty history" was coined, some very brave persons did their part. You Tube link taken from WFMU's Beware Of The Blog.

Her Jazz: All Chavez Redux

Philly's finest little blog-grrrl and WPRB spinster, Maria T, goes deep on a Chavez YouTube session: Her Jazz' Chavez Redux

Stay tuned for more Chavez action coming to a special CD/DVD package near you this Fall.

Blast From The Past : Jerry Butler Vs. Morton Downey Jr.

Despite the considerable distraction of standing next to a man in a Miami Vice t-shirt, the author of "Raw Talent" drops some science on Mort and WWOR viewers.

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