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Body/Head - 'Coming Apart' streaming today at Pitchfork Advance

'Coming Apart' ; the new 2XLP/CD/digital album from Body/Head, aka Kim Gordon and Bill Nace, is streaming today at Pitchfork Advance, prior to the September 10 release date. Mojo's Stevie Chick has likened 'Coming Apart' to "70 minutes of drone, feedback amp-noise and guitar squall that swings between abstract beauty and rolling turmoil...freeform and improvisational, it's peaks are primal and powerful."  The bad news is that Stevie penned the review too late for our sticker copy ; the good news is that you'll be able to find the album in the abstract beauty bin of your local record shop (or failing that, the rolling turmoil department).   The Wire's Phil Freeman calls 'Coming Apart', "just the thing for listeners who always found Sonic Youth too timid and bound to rock convention," though we hope he and his publishers do not mind that we've edited his quote to read "...just the the thing. For listeners".

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Body/Head's upcoming dates are below ;

Tuesday, Sept 10: Brooklyn, NY @ Union Pool
Thursday, Sept 12: Los Angeles, CA @ The Echo
Friday, Sept 13: San Diego, CA @ San Diego Music Thing ( feature presentation by Kim Gordon)
Saturday, Sept 14: San Diego, CA @ The Casbah
Thursday, Sept 19: Portland, OR @ TBA Festival
Saturday, Sept 21: Lexington, KY @ Boomslang
Tuesday, Sept 24: Chicago, IL @ MOCA
Wednesday, Sept 25: Detroit, MI @ MOCA
Wednesday, October 2: Augusta, GA @ Westobou Festival

Sunday, October 20 @ Amplifest, Porto (Portugal)
Tuesday, October 22 @ ZDB, Lisbon (Portugal)
Wednesday, October 23 @ Enjoy Jazz Festival, Heidelberg (Germany)
Thursday, October 24 @ Spazio 211, Torino (Italy)
Friday, October 25 @ Covo, Bologna (Italy)
Saturday, October 26 @ Serendipity, Foligno (Italy)
Sunday, October 27 @ Bloom, Milano (Italy)
Tuesday, October 29 @ La Cartonnerie, Reims (France)
Wednesday, October 30 @ La Poudriere, Belfort (France)
Thursday, October 31 @ La Centrifugeuse, Pau (France)

Friday, November 01 @ Ninkasi Kao, Lyon (France)
Saturday, November 02 @ Centre Pompidou, Paris (France)
Tuesday, November 05 @ Bi Nuu, Berlin (Germany)
Wednesday, November 06 @ Salon, Istanbul (Turkey)
Friday, November 08 @ Unlimited Festival, Wels (Austria)
Sunday, November 10 @ Cafe Oto, London (United Kingdom)

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