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Decision 2008 : Time's Running Out For Hillary To Get The Good Rats Into The Studio

Leave it to a founding member of Twisted Sister to singlehandedly kill all the momentum gained by Obama's speech earlier today.  From the AP's Wayne Parry.

Jay Jay French wants to rock. He also wants Barack.So the Twisted Sister guitarist has rerecorded the heavy metal band's anthem, "I Wanna Rock," which has become "I Want Barack."

French, a lifelong liberal Democrat whose mother campaigned for John F. Kennedy, said Barack Obama, who is seeking the Democratic presidential nomination, has energized a new generation of voters who previously felt left out of politics.

"He has excited so many people," said French, who founded Twisted Sister in 1973, in a telephone interview Tuesday. "He has given sincere hope to people who have been out of the arena for years."

French plays guitar on the track, which features Paulie Z., singer for the band Z02, on vocals and lead guitar. They call the band Jay Jay French and Friends and stress this isn't a Twisted Sister project because that band's members are split on the presidential candidates.

The Obama camp had no immediate comment on the song.

Dubious Reasons To Support One Candidate Or Another

You may or may not have seen an item from last week in which Senator Barack Obama cited Matador TV obsession "The Wire" as his favorite programme (aspiring First Lady Michelle, however, prefers "The Dick Van Dyke Show"). And while that's all well and good, in the interests of being totally fair about this specious pop culture stuff that has nothing to done with anyone's ability to govern, I'd like to throw some much-needed street cred in the direction of Sen. Hillary Clinton.

As some of you might know, several years back when I was down on my luck, I resorted to eBay'ing some of my most prized possessions in the hopes of raising rent dough. My DVD copies of "Bring It On" and the not-nearly as successful sequel, "Bring It On Again"? Sold for a mere pittance. Autographed copies of the 2-issue print run of Patrick Amory's Too Fun, Too Huge? The winning bid was $175 from a man in Vancouver (who sent a bad check.)

But one of the toughest items to part with was The Mentally Ill's "Gacy's Place" 7", an Illinois scuzz classic that fetched $130 when eBayer "chelsea1980" swooped in at the last minute. She claimed the single was a birthday gift for her mother, who supposedly considered herself something of a Chicago punk aficionado (the buyer insisted her Mom had once dated Naked Raygun's Marco Pezzati), and had a particularly obsession for "rare records featuring Presidential wives on the front cover".

Anyhow, I shipped the single to an address in Palo Alto and never thought much about it until now. But I'm not telling you who to vote for.

"Gacy's Place" (mp3 courtesy Killed By Death)

Our Advice To The Candidates : Don't Stop Thinking About Tomorrow

Boing Boing reader Jeroen tells BB, "Hillary Clinton is using a controversial Golden Earring song in her campaign called "When The Lady Smiles." It is a great song, but I was wondering whether Hillary really know that in the video for that song a nun is raped, and the attacker's brain gets eaten by a dog."

Indeed, that's a messy situation for Senator Clinton. Though it might also shed light on the doomed candidacy of Dennis Kucinich, whose controversial use of Solger's "Raping Dead Nuns" was perhaps equally ill-advised?

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