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Green Day Out Buy Early Get Nows Us

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If Feist would finally confirm to host the first-ever "Christoper Pell Lombardi Awards For Excellence In Convoluted Marketing Schemes", the fourth installment of Buy Early Get Now (aka The New Ps "Box Of Air") would finally get its due in the Lifetime Achievement category.   (Note:  Dave Martin still maintains that only time will help folks discover BEGN #4's genius, and Dave knows both time and genius.)

So here we are, five years and two IHeartRadio Festivals later...and the majors have finally decided to embark on the trail toward customer confusion that we so dutifully blazed.   To wit, Green Day's foray into the world of selling futures in music.

And because other members of the Matador family have done a far better job lampooning Billie and friends, I'll leave only a link to this space where we can all watch customer ire unfold in real time:


An Apology from Sandbag to Buy Early Get Now customers


Following on from last week's blog post, we have finally resolved the problem on the delay of orders with Sandbag getting orders of the Fucked Up BEGN 7"s out to UK and European customers.  A message we received today from Sandbag follows.

Once again, we've sorry for this and are making changes to make sure this can't happen again.


Sandbag is nearly 10 years old as a company and has been very fortunate to be involved with very many excellent projects. These projects have ranged from enabling Oxfam and the Make Poverty History coalition to raise awareness and millions of pounds to help those that really need it, through to ethically manufacturing merchandise for the likes of Adele and The xx. For several years now, Sandbag has helped the Buy Now Get Early team deliver some amazing music around the world.

We have hundreds of thousands of customers every year and we do our utmost to look after each and every one in the manner that has established our reputation as a company that looks after the fans.

Unfortunately, in rare instances, things sometimes go wrong. Prophetically, something did go wrong with the Buy Early Get Now – Fucked Up campaign.

Very simply, human error led to many customers not receiving the products that they had paid for. We have now shipped these orders and apologise for the delay in Buy Early Get Now customers getting their music.


Christiaan Munro

Director – Sandbag Limited


UK/EU - Fucked Up "Buy Early Get Now" order update

It has now been several weeks since we released the latest, greatest Fucked Up album David Comes To Life, but for some of you in Europe who bought the "Buy Early Get Now" option we know you're still waiting for your bonus 7"s to reach you, which we're really very sorry about.

There's different factors which have affected the delivery time of these reaching you, a later than expected shipping from the US manufacturer to our European distributor (Sandbag) meant we were a few days off missing the June 28th release date, which was followed by an internal error at Sandbag where they mistakenly shipped out one of the 7"s individually, followed by the rest of the (three) 7"s in another shipment.  We've been told by Sandbag that all orders have now shipped (on July 13th/14th) but that before they can claim the items were lost in the post (by Royal Mail) they have to allow 7 days.

This means: your records have been posted and should be on their way to you, hopefully you'll be enjoying them right now.
But, if you still haven't received your packages by tomorrow you can get in touch with Sandbag directly ([email protected])  to pass on your details so they can make a claim with Royal Mail. Some people on the Fucked Up Facebook group are reporting that they have started to receive their records, so they are (slowly) getting out there.

We're very sorry for all the hassle this has caused and are looking to put it right in every way we can.


Fucked Up - part 4/4 of David Comes To Life out on Buy Early Get Now

The fourth (and final) part of Fucked Up's David Comes To Life is out now as a download for Buy Early Get Now people:

ACT FOUR: A revelation from Vivian sheds more light on Veronica's death; Octavio and Vivian explain their motives, and David is reborn.

14. I Was There
15. Inside A Frame
16. The Recursive Girl
17. One More Night
18. Lights Go Up

That completes the early part of this thing - BEGN fans will also be getting four 7" singles with extra tracks from the album sessions, as well as a poster and bonus MP3s. It's not too late to join up if you want these things - simply preorder from the Matador Store, or locate a more convenient mail order or retail location on the map at

You can also do a simple regular preorder for just the LP, CD or digital, or just wait for the album to come out on June 7.

More details on the David Comes To Life album and story at

Fucked Up: Part 3 of David Comes To Life out for Buy Early Get Now customers

Today Fucked Up release part 3 of David Comes To Life for Buy Early Get Now participants.

Most of the album's 18 tracks have now gone out to BEGN fans:

ACT ONE: Love, then tragedy, strikes the town.

1. Let Her Rest
2. Queen Of Hearts
3. Under My Nose
4. The Other Shoe

ACT TWO: David loses Veronica, and then himself, as he succumbs to guilt and despair.

5. Running On Nothing
6. Remember My Name
7. A Slanted Tone
8. Serve Me Right

ACT THREE: Another character is revealed, putting the responsibility for Veronica's death into question.

9. Truth I Know
10. Life In Paper
11. Ship Of Fools
12. A Little Death

Act Four, containing tracks 13-18, comes out for BEGN participants tomorrow morning. To join, preorder from us or via another store (click the link at top to find one convenient to you) and buy the BEGN package - you get lots of extras like bonus 7"es, a poster and more.

Fucked Up are currently touring Europe.

David comes to life for real on June 7.
Looking For Gold
Fucked Up on Facebook

Fucked Up - part two of David Comes To Life

Part two of Fucked Up's David Comes To Life is out TODAY for Buy Early Get Now customers.

They're getting the next 4 songs on the record in MP3, FLAC or stream according to their choice, along with PDFs of the lyrics from the booklet. Parts 3 and 4 come out tomorrow and Friday.

It's not too late to preorder for Buy Early Get Now - not only will you get the record in early digital form, you still get the physical format of your choice along with bonus MP3s, four unreleased 7"es, a poster and more. Go to to find a convenient mail order source (including the Matador Store), or a brick-and-mortar retailer near you, to place your preorder.

For everyone else, the album is out June 7, and you can have a sip of the juice by checking out the four free pre-release singles.
Looking For Gold
Fucked Up on Facebook

Fucked Up BUY EARLY GET NOW Part One Stream Begins Today!

To those participating in BUY EARLY GET NOW, today marks the part 1 stream & download from Fucked Up's June 7 LP, David Comes To Life. Parts 2 through 4 of the album are to follow this Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

If you've not signed up for BEGN, it's not too late!
You can order now via mail order from the Matador Store, order in person or mail order from any participating retailer on this map. Or if you are in the UK or Europe, order from our UK store.

All BEGN details can be found in this previous post.
But here's a reminder on all of the goodies you get :
-NOW Instant download of 5 non-album tracks plus the 4 digital singles already released
-MAY 10-13 (EARLY) Full 192k album stream and high-quality album download in 4 parts, one per day
-JUNE 7 (RELEASE DATE) Pick up the physical album and poster at the store you ordered from, or if you mail ordered, delivered to your door, plus a download of the Record Store Day Exclusive ‘David’s Town’ LP
-JUNE 28 The 4 bonus 7?es are available for pick up / delivered to your door (or as MP3s/FLACs if you ordered the all-digital package)

(photo credit: Jake Giles Netter from Matador 21)

And don't forget to catch Fucked Up ON TOUR:


10th – Cabaret Voltaire, Edinburgh – UK (tickets)

11th – The Cluny, Newcastle – UK (tickets)

12th – Future Sonic – Sound Control, Manchester – UK

13th – Vera, Gronigen – Netherlands (tickets)

14th – 013 Small Hall, Tilburg – Netherlands

15th – Melkweg, Amsterdam – Netherlands (tickets)

16th – Festaal Kreuzberg, Berlin – Germany (tickets)

17th – Underground, Cologne – Germany (tickets)

18th – Batofar, Paris – France

19th – Trix, Antwerp – Belgium (tickets)

20th – Stag and Dagger @ Village Underground, London – UK (tickets)

21st – Liverpool Sound City @ Kazimir, Liverpool – UK (tickets)


4th - Free Press Summer Fest @ Eleanor Tinsley Park, Houston, TX (tickets)

5th - Chaos In Tejas @ The Mohawk, Austin, TX (tickets)

23rd - Terminal 5, New York, NY (tickets)

24th - Royale, Boston, MA (tickets)

26th - First Unitarian Church, Philadelphia, PA (tickets)

27th - Rock and Roll Hotel, Washington DC (tickets)

28th - Kings Barcade, Raleigh, NC (tickets)

29th - The Earl, Atlanta, GA (tickets)

30th - Exit/In, Nashville, TN (tickets)


1st - Firebird, St. Louis, MO (tickets)

2nd - Lincoln Hall, Chicago, IL (tickets)

3rd - Call The Office, London, ON (tickets)

31st - Osheaga Festival, Montreal, QC (tickets)

* with Dinosaur Jr. and OFF!
† with JEFF the Brotherhood

Listen to David Comes To Life cuts "The Other Shoe", "A Little Death", "Ship of Fools" and "Queen of Hearts" here.


UK/EU BEGN Customers - If You Experienced Problems

Sometimes, as much as you try to get things 'right' they always come out 'nearly there'.  Yesterday we opened orders for BEGN for the upcoming Fucked Up release of 'David Comes To Life' and some European customers may have experienced issues with their digital downloads.

If you are a UK or EU customer, you may have experienced problems redeeming your voucher code, thus unable to download the MP3 delights promised to you.  If this was you, we sincerely apologise.  All gremlins have now been removed from the system and regular service has resumed.  Please do not try to pay again, we'll only keep your money.  Instead, head back to, log in, re-input your code that you received from Sandbag yesterday and you should be on your way to aural pleasure.  Please note: in the "retailer" field, enter 'Sandbag' (not Sandman).  Any other problems, please comment below and we'll help you out, or refer to the help page on Sandbag.

Regards, The Management.

Fucked Up - Buy Early Get Now LIVE plus digital single #3

As announced last week, our ninth Buy Early Get Now promotion goes live today, for the new Fucked Up album, David Comes To Life.

You can preorder NOW via mail order from the Matador Store, preorder in person or mail order from any participating retailer on this map, or if you are in the UK or Europe, from our UK store.

Wherever you preorder, you will be given a code that lets you log in to, where you can download your extras and early album stream/download. If you preorder physical goods, those will be available for you to pick up at the store you bought it from, or shipped to your house if you've mail ordered, according to the schedule below:

NOW Instant download of 5 non-album tracks plus the 3 digital singles already released
MAY 10-13 (EARLY) Full 192k album stream and high-quality album download in 4 parts, one per day
JUNE 7 (RELEASE DATE) Pick up the physical album and poster at the store you preordered from, or if you mail ordered, delivered to your door, plus a download of the Record Store Day Exclusive 'David's Town' LP
JUNE 28 The 4 bonus 7"es are available for pick up / delivered to your door (or as MP3s/FLACs if you ordered the all-digital package)

In addition, we released the third single from the album (of 4), "Ship Of Fools," today. The first 30 people to respond to a Facebook post / tweet made at noon yesterday were overnighted CDRs of the track:

Ship Of Fools (192k mp3)

Digital single #4 and last, "Queen of Hearts," will come out on May 3.

Fucked Up on Facebook
Looking For Gold

Buy Early Get Now #9: Fucked Up - David Comes To Life

Remember back when we told you that Fucked Up had a new album on the horizon? Well that time is racing towards us faster than you can say "Byrdesdale Spa FC."  However we've still got a little ways to go before the June 7 street date.  But alas!  We've found a way to not only get you the whole album early but for you to score a bunch of exclusive content.  We're talking bonus 7"es, non-album tracks, posters.

The time has come for us to welcome back our dear old (and newly trademarked) friend Buy Early Get Now.

For its ninth birthday, Buy Early Get Now is getting the Fucked Up treatment and by placing a pre-order via mail order directly from us*or at a trusted local independent retailer for David Comes To Life on CD or 2xLP beginning Tuesday April 26, you'll get the following:

- Instant download of 5 non-album songs plus the pre-album digital singles as MP3s on April 26.
- A full 192k album stream and hi-quality album download in 4 parts over 4 days from May 10-13.
- The CD or 2xLP and exclusive poster mailed to your house via Matastore or available to pick up on June 7.
- Download of Record Store Day Exclusive David's Town comp on June 7.
- 4 bonus 7"es of 7 extra non-album songs available to pick up on June 28.

And, as always, if you don't live anywhere near a participating retailer, you can always pre-order David Comes To Life directly from the Matador Store.

For more info on Buy Early Get Now click HERE or email [email protected] for more details.

Check out all the other goings on at Looking For Gold and

*Any UK/EU shoppers can mail order HERE.

Fucked Up - new album, first of four singles

Right from the start, Toronto's Fucked Up have been pushing musical and conceptual boundaries. Their third album, the 18-song, 78-minute David Comes To Life is a rock opera, an album set to a play. Though no less monumental, it is far more melodic than their breakthrough The Chemistry of Common Life. There are more female vocals, which work in perfect contrast to Damian Abraham's highly effective wounded bull growl. The band sound tighter, with more space for the flourishes and imaginative songwriting that entwine their love of fey British indie pop with heavy riffing, and some genuinely twisted turns. Perhaps most grippingly, the triple-guitar interplay between Mike Haliechuk, Josh Zucker and Ben Cook has risen to symphonic levels. They channel musicians from Angus Young, Pete Townshend and Noel Gallagher to Bob Stinson and Lyle Preslar with ease and grace.

As for the story - more on that to come.

Here is the first of four DIGITAL singles that will be released from the album leading up to its June 7 release date. It's entitled The Other Shoe, and you can get it here:

The Other Shoe (192k MP3)

photo by Daniel Boud

The band will also tour Europe and the UK around release, a full list of dates are below.


6th - White Rabbit, Plymouth - UK (tickets)

7th - Clwb Ifor Bach, Cardiff - UK (tickets) *MATINEE SHOW

7th - The Croft, Bristol - UK

8th - Institue, Birmingham - UK

9th - The Well, Leeds - UK

10th - Cabaret Voltaire, Edinburgh - UK (tickets)

11th - The Cluny, Newcastle - UK (tickets)

12th - Future Sonic - Sound Control, Manchester - UK

13th - Vera, Gronigen - Netherlands (tickets)

14th - 013 Small Hall, Tilburg - Netherlands

15th - Melkweg, Amsterdam - Netherlands (tickets)

16th - Festaal Kreuzberg, Berlin - Germany (tickets)

17th - Underground, Cologne - Germany (tickets)

18th - Batofar, Paris - France

19th - Trix, Antwerp - Belgium (tickets)

20th - Stag and Dagger @ Village Underground, London - UK (tickets)

21st - Liverpool Sound City @ Kazimir, Liverpool - UK (tickets)
Looking For Gold

Buy Early Get Now returns

Yo La Tengo - Popular Songs vinyl is in


And it looks and sounds incredible. Heavy-duty gatefold sleeve printed at Stoughton. Two HQ-180 gram LPs pressed at RTI. Four custom Matador labels based on classic record labels of the distant past.

The album artwork is built around sculptures by Dario Robleto. On the front, At War With the Entropy of Nature / Ghosts Don't Always Want to Come Back (2002) depicts a cassette made out of carved bone and bone dust from every bone in the body, trinitite (glass produced during the first atomic test explotion, from the Trinity test site in 1945, when heat from the blast melted surrounding sand), metal screws, rusty and typeset. Two other works appear on the interior gatefold and the back cover.

The album comes with an MP3 download coupon for all 12 songs - 74 minutes of music.

Click on the images for full-size shots.


If you preorder the album as part of Buy Early Get Now, you'll get an additional vinyl LP of gorgeous, wonderful instrumental score composed and performed by Yo La Tengo for the motion picture Adventureland. This LP is exclusive to this promotion and has not been released in any form before. You'll also get two bonus MP3s, a free poster, and other surprise extras.

You can also choose to preorder the record separately, without participating in Buy Early Get Now.

Preorder from Other Music (Buy Early Get Now version)

Preorder from Insound (either version)

Preorder from the Matador Store (either version)

Preorder from Amazon (regular version)

Preorder from iTunes (digital version only)

Or visit and use the map to find a physical store near you.

UK and Europe customers: please visit Buy Early Get Now UK.

Buy Early Get Now, Now Deep Fried And Wrapped In Newspaper


Buy Early Get Now #8 has officially launched in the UK.  It offers the same tasty treats of an instant stream of the entire album, the Adventureland score on LP, bonus MP3s, a poster and your choice of Popular Songs on LP or CD.

For any of you Brits looking to save a little on shipping, just go to the special BEGN-UK page and order it now.

This just in... Buy Early Get Now bonus vinyl LP!


So we just got the bonus LPs in and guess what... they're awesome!!

These ultra-limited badboys feature Yo La Tengo's exclusive score for the film 'Adventureland.'

So what's that mean?

That means in addition to the 'Popular Songs' CD or double LP, early stream of the album, two bonus MP3s and exclusive poster you get an entire vinyl LP of never-before-released instrumental tracks by Yo La Tengo... that is, of course, if you're a Buy Early Get Now customer.

You can sign up for Buy Early Get Now here or find your local participating retailer here.

Yo La Tengo Video Series - "Periodically Double or Triple"

Picture 1

As promised, another week another Yo La Tengo video clip from their upcoming album Popular Songs. This week director John McSwain makes sure you're getting your daily allowance of fruits - a key food group and an unlikely comedic/visual tool - as he gives us his take on YLT's new song Periodically Double or Triple.

Please check out the latest and greatest in the Yo La Tengo video series:

Also don't forget that Yo La Tengo's new album is out on Sept 8th. Click here to pre-order Popular Songs or visit Buy Early Get Now for the unstoppable deluxe package.

Buy Early Get Now : Yo La Tengo - 'Popular Songs'


As mentioned on the Matablog last June 4, The new Yo La Tengo CD/2XLP/digital album ‘Popular Songs” (OLE 856-1,2) is hitting record shops & e-tailers on September 8. However, as we've hinted previously, you can start listening to 'Popular Songs' on August 4 via Matador's award-winning Buy Early Get Now scheme.

Now in it's 8th incarnation, this version of BEGN features the following for advance purchasers of 'Popular Songs' on double LP or compact disc ;

- one of the above configurations, available for collection at a trusted physical retailer on September 8.
- the full album stream starting August 4, with exclusive bonus MP3s to follow.
- a vinyl LP featuring Yo La Tengo's Orginal Score from the Motion Picture "Adventureland"
- a poster (design TBD, but trust us, you'll be pleased).

Of course, you can also pre-order 'Popular Songs' directly from The Matador Store.

Yo La by Steve Gullick

(photograph by Steve Gullick)

We're also happy to announce the following North American tour dates, with several additional shows still to be confirmed later this week. Support for this jaunt is still being confirmed, however we can tell you The Black Lips are on the September 25 bill at New York City's Roseland Ballroom. Shows marked * are on sale today.

9/15 – Burlington, VT at Higher Ground
9/16 – Boston at Wilbur Theater*
9/17 – DC at 9:30 Club
9/18 – Durham at Carolina Theater
9/19 – Atlanta at Variety*
9/21 – Asheville at Orange Peel
9/25 - NYC at Roseland
10/2 – Montreal at Le National
10/3 – Toronto at Opera House*
10/5 – Cleveland at Beachland Ballroom*
10/6 – Chicago at the Vic Theatre *
10/7 – Minneapolis at First Ave*
10/9 – Omaha at Slowdown
10/10 – Denver at Ogden *
10/11 - Aspen at Belly Up
10/12 – Salt Lake City at Urban Lounge
10/14 – Phoenix at Marquee
10/15 – Los Angeles at Avalon
10/16 – San Diego at Soma
10/17 – Santa Cruz at Rio Theater*
10/18 - San Francisco at Treasure Island Festival (tickets on sale)
10/20 – Portland at Crystal Ballroom*
10/21 – Vancouver at Commodore Ballroom*
10/22 – Seattle at Showbox SoDo *

Second bonus Sonic Youth MP3 up on Buy Early Get Now


The second of three bonus Sonic Youth MP3s has been posted on the Buy Early Get Now site, and it's pretty fascinating - the 6-minute demo version of "(I Got A) Catholic Block" from 1987. Go log in and grab it.

And if you haven't preordered for Buy Early Get Now yet, it's still not too late - we have a few of the live LPs left. Order HERE

Sonic Youth Buy Early Get Now - limited extra cache of bonus LPs found


We thought we'd run out of Sonic Youth bonus LPs for our Buy Early Get Now campaign, but we discovered we had 200 extra! ACT NOW to make sure you get this fantastic live LP of their July 4, 2008 concert at Battery Park in New York.

At Buy Early Get Now, you get:

- the limited live LP
- instant stream of the new album, The Eternal
- your choice of double LP or CD of The Eternal
- exclusive limited-edition poster
- early access to tickets (East Coast already announced, but the West Coast exclusive presale is still coming up)
- exclusive bonus MP3s - one is already available, the next one comes out on Tuesday, and we can now announce that a third will be available after release

Go to the Matador Store to place your preorder and get your instant code to log in at Buy Early Get Now and pick up your extras. Album, bonus LP and poster will be mailed to you to arrive on or before release date, June 9.

(If we have run out of bonus LPs by the time you place your order, you will not be charged.)

Sonic Youth Buy Early Get Now Log In


To all of you devout Sonic Youth/Buy Early Get Now fanatics...

If you have purchased The Eternal early through either a fine indie retailer, one of our online outlets or directly from the Matador store, we MUST implore you to please log in and register your purchase on

We realize that some of you only picked up the record early to score the ever-so-awesome Live LP (ever. so. awesome.) and are not bothering to log in and get your bonus mp3s and early stream of The Eternal. But the reality is, we don't want to run out of these limited Live LPs and the best way to ensure we don't is for you to register on the site so that we can keep a real-time log of the amount of LPs we need. 

It only takes a minute and we will never use your registration information to market anything to you.

And to those of your who have already logged in, there is no need to log in again.

Sign up for Matador updates