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A More Casual Than Usual 'Casual Victim Pile' Where-Are-They-Now? Starring Follow That Bird!

(photo by David Weaver)

It's been a long time since we updated you on the comings and goings of the contributors to our 2010 Austin compilation album, 'Casual Victim Pile'. Since the last missive, the Golden Boys and Wild America went (the former to Europe for a December trip, the latter committed rock'n'roll auto de fé with a house show finale) and Dikes Of Holland came (out with a new full-length album that was arguably one of last year's best). But for for the purpose of appearing to be timely/relevant for a change, we'll focus on the recent activity of Follow That Bird! (above), who mark the release of their brand new Mt. Fuji 7"  with the following tour dates ;

sat 2.12 - austin, tx @ the mohawk w/ silent diane, dikes of holland, holy wave
thur 2.17 - el paso, tx @ garage tequila
fri 2.18 - tucson, az @ hangart
mon 2.21 - san francisco @ the knockout
thur 2.24 - eugene, or @ wandering goat coffee co
fri 2.25 - portland, or @ the woods
sat 2.26 - portland, or @ wtf bikes
sun 2.27 - seattle, wa @ the sunset tavern
thur 3.3 - denver, co @ the hi-dive
fri 3.4 - albuquerque, nm @ blackbird
sat 3.5 - marfa, tx @ marfa book company

On a slightly related tip, there's a second volume of 'CVP' --- the creatively dubbed, 'Casual Victim Pile II' coming out on vinyl very soon on another label. I'm told it might be a quality endeavor, but at the risk of getting all corporate for a moment, is the theft of Matador's intellectual property not even worth protesting? I don't know how these people can sleep at night.

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