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A documentary on the new Kurt Vile album art

As you might have seen drifting around the internet, Philadelphia's own Kurt Vile has put a less than subtle indicator towards a new record on the side of an abandoned building in the city's Northern Liberties.

A lesser known fact is that the mural was created by renowned street artist Steve Powers (aka ESPO) who, along with Kurt, talks us through the painting of the mural in the video below.

More info coming your way very soon.

Shearwater take a trip to Europe

Not wanting to feel left out of the summer fun, Shearwater will be heading over for a visit to Europe in July and August with visits to some rather intimate UK venues and to play as part of a special show at London's (amazing) Barbican Theatre featuring 13 of Andy Warhol's screen shots being accompanied by live music.

They'll also be spreading some peace and love/playing songs from their most recent and most excellent album The Golden Archipelago at a bunch of festivals around mainland Europe.

To be even more helpful, here's a full list of all the shows that I've just been hinting at...
23rd - De Affaire, Nijmegen
24th - Boomtown Festival, Gent
25th - Pop aan Zee, Domburg
26th - Paradiso, Amsterdam
27th - Audio, Brighton
28th - Stereo, Glasgow
29th - St. Bonaventures, Bristol
30th - The Barbican Theatre, London
31st - The Deaf Institute, Manchester
1st - The Railway, Winchester
4th - Hana B, Marina di Ravenna
5th - Ampere, Munich
6th - Das Bett, Frankfurt
7th - Beatpol, Dresden
8th - Off Festival, Katowice
9th - Comet, Berlin
10th - Uebel & Gefaehrlich (Turmzimmer), Hamburg
12th - Loppen, Copenhagen
13th - Oya @ John Dee, Oslo
14th - Way Out West, Gothenburg

The Final Insult

Stonehenge is one of the earliest examples of man independently creating something to contribute to their culture. Some of the stones carved out by hand measured 8ft wide, 5ft thick and 25ft long weighing between 20/30 tones each and were transported 20 miles north of Stonehenge by foot. The remaining pieces came from Wales called Bluestones which weighed 4 tones each, sixty were carved out and carried approximately 150 miles to Wiltshire where they were erected, which is a testament to the limitless hard work that goes into something you care about. The landmark is something people have enjoyed mentally and physically exploring for centuries, and on a personal note is something I always looked forward to seeing on my bus ride to Glastonbury Festival every year! Now Stonehenge is being forced to take a back seat to the surplus population of supermarkets. This brilliantly written article I found in The Guardian goes into the matter far more, if you get a chance it's worth a read! Thanks!,,2262215,00.html

Wishlist for midtown Manhattan

1. Remove all sidewalk sheds. The aesthetic cost outweighs the alleged improvement in safety. The near-permanence of these fixtures (one per block at any given moment) is really due to fears of liability.

2. Restore conforming street signs in business-improvement districts.

3. Replace the ungainly green lamp posts in the Grand Central business-improvement district and replace them with cobras.

4. Remove all advertising and American flags from Grand Central Terminal. (The Beyer Blinder & Belle 'restoration' was much trumpeted for removing billboards - now there are more than ever. The old Kodak sign was much cooler.)

5. Make Vanderbilt Hall into a waiting area again - nobody wants to push through those stupid crafts fairs.

6. Remove concrete bollards around Grand Central on the viaduct; reopen Depew Place; reopen the taxi waiting area and remove the outdoor cafe.

7. Remove corporate and institutional banners festooning every block; forbid civic boosterism trumpeting NYC as 'capital of the world' or 'the greatest city on earth' - a great city doesn't need to constantly remind people of its greatness.

8. Restore Amtrak service to Grand Central.

9. Reopen all secondary subway entrances and exits, as well as underground transfers between uptown and downtown trains.

10. Replace all compact fluourescent lamps in public places with incandescents.

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