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The good news is that we're reviving our 25% OFF EVERYTHING* sale for ONE DAY ONLY.  The bad news, however, is that our beloved Matador CEO is STILL MAROONED far above the earth and without a huge infusion of cash to fund the rescue mission we may never see him again.  In person, anyway.

The sale runs through midnight tonight, please use discount MATADOR25 at checkout.

(in-stock items only, preorders excepted - I suppose we could've added that to the headline but 25% Off Everything scans really well).

(art : Jeff Mahannah)

Kurt Vile & Andrew Earles on The Best Show On WFMU tonight, 9:00PM EST

[caption id="attachment_11697" align="alignnone" width="391" caption="(photo by Shawn Brackbill)"][/caption]

Fans of modern American troubadour Kurt Vile (and we hope that's a category that includes each and every one of you) aren't getting a chance to catch their breath this week. Hot on the heels of yesterday's announcement of Mr. Vile's forthcoming opus, Smoke Ring For My Halo, comes the news that Kurt will be appearing tonight on Tom Scharpling's The Best Show On WFMU. Given the Best Show's well-known connection to Kurt's hometown of Philadelphia, we can only imagine what will transpire on this broadcast.

On top of that, Andrew Earles of Earles & Jensen fame will also be in the studio with Tom to discuss his recently published book on the legendary Husker Du.

This explosion of star power starts tonight at 9:00PM EST and goes all the way til midnight, so there's plenty of time for you to tune in at 91.1FM or

REVISED SCHEDULE : Matador At 21 : The Lost Weekend In Las Vegas, The Palms

First off, if these changes have left anyone disappointed or inconvenienced, we're truly sorry.  I've been watching videos of the guys in the BP commercials all week trying to strike the right tone for this post, and wouldn't you know it, MY VIDEO CAMERA IS BROKEN.   Bullet dodged.

On the bright side, hey, DEAD MEADOW are playing.    The opening VIP gala is still happening at 4pm Friday in the Hardwood Suite with dj sets by Ted Leo and myself.  Same room becomes a VIP lounge Friday and Saturday nights, plus late night dj action on Friday (James McNew, Dean Bein) and Saturday (Dave Martin, Robby Morris).  Here's the live entertainment schedule of events.  Much like real life, everything is subject to change.


Pavement: 12:00am – 1:00am
Sonic Youth: 10:40pm – 11:30am
Fucked Up: 9:35pm – 10:15pm
Chavez: 8:30pm – 9:10pm
Guitar Wolf: 7:30pm – 8:10pm
Doors: 7:00pm

MC : Jeff Jensen

Fucked Up Vs. Ted Leo and The Pharmacists: 1:30am – 2:30am
(One stage. Two bands.  At once. They're supposed to take turns, song by song...but who knows?)
Doors: 1:00am


Belle & Sebastian: 11:45pm – 1:00am
Spoon: 10:25pm – 11:15pm
Superchunk: 9:20pm – 10:00pm
Cat Power: 8:15pm – 8:55pm
Perfume Genius: 7:55pm – 8:15pm
Jon Spencer Blues Explosion: 6:50pm – 7:30pm
Come: 5:45pm – 6:25pm
Girls: 4:40pm – 5:20pm
Doors 4:00pm

MC : Bob Nastanovich

Dead Meadow: 2:30pm – 3:15pm
Harlem: 1:30pm – 2:05pm
Doors: 1:00pm

Cold Cave: 2:25am - 3:15am
Esben and The Witch: 1:30am – 2:00am
Doors: 1:00am

STARTS AT 1:30am


Guided By Voices: 11:30pm – 1:00am
Yo La Tengo: 10:10pm – 11:05pm
Liz Phair: 9:50pm – 10:10pm
The New Pornographers: 8:40pm – 9:25pm
Ted Leo and The Pharmacists: 7:35pm – 8:15pm
Shearwater: 6:30pm – 7:10pm
Doors: 6:00pm

MC's : Tom Scharpling & Jon Wurster

The Clean: 4:30pm – 5:15pm
Times New Viking: 3:30pm – 4:05pm
Kurt Vile: 2:30pm – 3:05pm
Doors: 2:00pm

General questions :  [email protected]

This event is sponsored by MySpace Music, Altamont, Incase, Sailor Jerry and Yowie.

Matador At 21 - The Lost Weekend : Final Bill, Schedule Info

First of all, we know you've been waiting patiently for the information below, and we sincerely apologize for the length of time it took to get it together. But if wanting to put together an even sicker bill than previously announced is a crime, PLEASE LOCK US UP.

1) 50 additional pairs of tickets priced at $250.00 per person  (not including taxes and fees) will be available via a public lottery sometime next week.  We'll announce the details here and on the 21 site beforehand.

2) Details regarding a limited number of room upgrades will be available at that time.

3) We regret to announce that at present, our supply of VIP tickets has been exhausted.  If that situation changes, we'll let you know.

4) As rumored in a bunch of places (including this very blog), we're very happy to confirm the following additions to The Lost Weekend Bill ;  Liz Phair, Times New Viking, Esben and the Witch, Perfume Genius, The Clean, MC's Jeff Jensen, Bob Nastanovich, Tom Scharpling & Jon Wurster, and a late Friday evening presentation by Austin's Karaoke Underground. The rough schedule can be found below, and is very much subject to change :


4 PM: Gala opening party, Hardwood Suite (VIP ticketholders, limited capacity)

MAIN STAGE (The Pearl):

doors open 6 PM, first band (Guitar Wolf) on at 7 PM

Sonic Youth
Fucked Up
Cold Cave
Guitar Wolf

MC : Jeff Jensen

2am onwards :  Superchunk/Fucked Up/bands TBC,  Hardwood Suite (VIP ticketholders only, capacity limited)
2am onwards :  Karaoke Underground at Little Buddha (open to all ticketholders, space permitting)


MAIN STAGE (The Pearl):

Belle and Sebastian
Cat Power
Perfume Genius
The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion

MC : Bob Nastanovich

2am : Esben and the Witch, Harlem,  Key West Ballroom (open to all ticketholders, space permitting)

Sunday (MATINEE, in Key West Ballroom, open to all ticketholders, capacity limited):

The Clean
Times New Viking
Kurt Vile

Sunday evening :

MAIN STAGE (The Pearl):

Guided By Voices
Yo La Tengo
Liz Phair
The New Pornographers
Ted Leo & the Pharmacists

MC's : Tom Scharpling & Jon Wurster

Matador at 21: The Lost Weekend takes place at the Palms Resort and Casino in Las Vegas from October 1-3, 2010. This event is sponsored by MySpace Music, Altamont and Incase.

"The Lost Weekend" - Matador 21 In Las Vegas, Tickets On Sale This Friday, July 9

Tickets for "The Lost Weekend" aka Matador's 21st birthday celebrations at The Palms will go on sale this Friday morning at 9am, PST. Here's the details you've been hassling all of us about over the last week (and don't think we don't appreciate it)

a) Tickets/Pricing : An initial quantity will be on sale Friday for $SOLD. .After the $SOLD tickets sell out, the price increases to $SOLD.  A link will be posted on this site on Thursday, July 8th.  Starting Friday, you'll have the opportunity to reserve standard rooms at the Palms for the discounted rate of $SOLD per night (the full 3 nights of the festival, only). The rooms feature two double bed and occupancy of up to 4 persons is allowed. The above rate is only available when purchasing tickets thru us. If you are interested in upgrading to a larger room or a suite you will be able to do so after purchasing the standard room. TICKETS FOR THE 3 NIGHTS  + ROOMS are being sold jointly --- we're not selling tickets to the shows separately at this time, nor are we selling tickets for individual nights.

(ADDENDUM -i) A limited number of 3-day tickets priced at  $SOLD---with no Palms reservation required --- will be available Friday morning at 9am PST  via

ii)  if, for example, you're buying 4 tickets to the shows, the $SOLD per night hotel fee can cover up to 4 people.  $SOLD over 3 nights divided by 4 is hopefully not an crazy amount to charge for rooms in a world class resort).

B) VIP tickets. A limited number of VIP packages will be available at $SOLD --- details about what you'll get for the $SOLD are forthcoming. You'll have the ability to upgrade from the regular tickets, assuming the VIP tickets aren't sold out.

C) Venue. The room in question is the 2100 seat Pearl at the Palms.

D) MORE BANDS. OK, we're working on it. But in addition to the 19 artists confirmed on the above poster, we can confirm the original lineup of COME --- Thalia Zedek, Chris Brokaw, Sean O'Brien and Arthur Johnson --- will be participating. Actually, we already know who some of the other bands are, we're just trying to drag this out.    MORE MATABLOG CONTENT between now and October!

E) Set times -  we'll post these the week before the event.

F) These shows are open to all ages.  However, access to the casino floor is limited to those 21 and over.

F) WHAT ABOUT LAS VEGAS HUMANS?  Las Vegas' Zia Records is selling 50 tickets to "The Lost Weekend" starting Friday, July 9.  You'll need a Nevada I.D.  Reservations at the Palms are not required to purchase these tickets.



Zia Records

4225 South Eastern Avenue

Las Vegas, NV 89119-5485


Zia Records

4503 W. SAHARA



Tickets will go onsale at both stores at 10:00am on Friday, July 9th via lottery. By overwhelming demand by Nevada Residents we will be increasing the amount of tickets available (50 X 2 = 100) . There is a two ticket limit. Nevada state ID required for purchase. Any questions please email [email protected]

Matador 21 In Las Vegas, Oct. 1-3 : Let The Crazy Speculation Begin

As mentioned previously in this space, Matador will be celebrating the label's 21st anniversary this October and this much we can finally confirm : there will be 3 nights of shows starting Friday October 1, and concluding Sunday October 3 at the Palms Casino & Resort In Las Vegas, NV. We'll be dropping further hints about the amazing lineup in the days ahead, but a final announcement and information about how to purchase tickets will be made here at the trusty Matablog on July 5. Are you as psyched as we are?  (hopefully yes, because we're getting in for free).

(ADDENDUM - there's been a bit of confusion so just to clear things up, tickets DO NOT GO ON SALE JULY 5.  We'll merely be announcing the on sale date/time on July 5.  thanks - GC)

Jeffrey Jensen - Live. In Person. On Stage.


(above : one of NYC's most beloved icons/public figures. And on the left, Earl "The Pearl" Monroe)

Jeff Jensen, one half of the terrorist telephonic duo that brought you the monumental comedy recording, 'Just Farr A Laff (Vol's 1 & 2)', will be making a rare stand-up appearance tomorrow night at Brooklyn's Bruar Falls. You know the old saying, "how do you get to Bruar Falls?" To tell the truth, I've never heard that saying, but here's a google map link.

Record Store Day 2.5 - Earles and Jensen Present...Just Farr the Record: Comedy for a scorched-earth, post-apocalyptic population of 324

Earles and Jensen celebrate Cinco de Mayo (a.k.a. "Record Store Day 2.5") with the LP-only Earles and Jensen Present...Just Farr the Record - a collection of 17 or 18 unreleased prank phone calls that were just too flat-out weird for Earles and Jensen Present...Just Farr a Laugh Vol. 1 & 2 (The Greatest Prank Phone Calls Ever!), the epic 2cd+booklet masterstroke released exactly one year ago today. Just Farr the Record also serves as the boy's tribute to the visual works of Harry Pussy, the Bulb label, and Siltbreeze ...back when a laboriously-scanned piece of notebook paper was a website and blacking out (handwritten) words with a Sharpie was updating the website. With cover art by Jeffrey Jensen himself (a loving rendition of Rodney Dangerfield from Ladybugs) and really, really confusing liner notes that make the booklet for JFAL 1&2 seem like The Thorn Birds, and a 1st (and only) pressing of 324 (on the dot), this release is sure to make like the Pontiac Division of General Motors. That said, there are some WHOPPERS on here, so may the lucky and diligent prevail! As I've been fond of doing today, I'll close with a certain Matador employee's reply to my inquiry about artist comp copies:

"Jeff gets [amount private] get one."

Earles and Jensen Present...Just Farr the Record can be ordered HERE. Top-shelf, gold-standard retail outlets have it, too!

Earles & Jensen limited vinyl LP of outtakes


On May 5 we will be releasing an ultra-limited single LP of outtakes by Earles & Jensenfrom last year's smash comedy album Just Farr A Laugh. Entitled Just Farr The Record, it will be available for preorder very soon. There are only 300 copies with handmade sleeves and they will go FAST, so keep checking that link.

Here is a preview, entitled "It's A Freak Show:"

It's A Freak Show (MP3)

As they say in France, "Enjoi"

Wear the Good-Cause Hat: Anna Ives vs. Cancer

Anna Ives is the very young, very adorable daughter of Zac and Amy Ives. Zac is co-owner of Goner Records, the singer for Final Solutions, and a flat-out great guy. The Goner Records BBS is currently holding an auction while Zac, Amy, and Anna are in Boston, where the latter is receiving specialized radiation treatment. The auction is to help offset the Ives' mounting hospital bills. I'm here to encourage Matablog readers to either bid on some of the great finds that have made it to the block, and to offer their own donated items for auction. All of the needed information, including Anna's story, can be found HERE.

The auction can be found HERE.

Read the Memphis Commercial Appeal story about Anna...

Additional questions not answered by those links can be directed to Eric Friedl: [email protected]


Jeff Jensen Takes On The Nation's No. 1 Purveyor Of 100% Cotton, Made In The USA Tees & Intimate Wear

This is one heck of a way to seek revenge for a modeling invite that never materialized, but never doubt the ability of Earles & Jensen's Jeff Jensen to hold a major grudge.   Andy penned the following descriptions of calls Jeff make to three American Apparel outlets, as heard on VIva Radio.

Jeffrey Jensen as Jeff “Skunk” Baxter. (AA location: Coconut Grove)

Let me give you a little background on Jeff “Skunk” Baxter, perhaps the last musician on the lips of someone between the ages of 18 and 26. Baxter plied his trade (mostly rhythm guitar) in both Steely Dan and The Doobie Brothers, while spending much of the 80’s and 90’s peddling instructional (again, mostly rhythm guitar) video tapes to nobody. The Viva Radio Blog posted a helpful image to go along with this call. While hilarious, this one is just a warm-up. Now, I hope you packed a lunch…

“Michael Anthony’s Bad Boy Image Has Been Shot” (AA location: Echo Park)

No explanation needed. To fully understand this call, buy our CD. There, you’ve now purchased what experts are calling “The Last Comedy Album.” It’s time to experience the undeniable highlight of this prank call trio…..

“Newline Cinema’s ‘Mom’ Hits the Stores” (AA location: Capitol Hill)

JFAL's Jeff Jensen Set To Singlehandedly Save Internet Radio

OK, perhaps that's overstating things a tad. But Jeff (above, right) can be heard this coming Monday on Viva Radio , July 21 at 2pm EST 12pm EST. This is your big chance to explore the inner workings of this quality individual's vast brain. On top of that, he'll be making some calls to American Apparel stores. For prank purposes, I mean. Not to see if they have any job openings.

"Scirocco - That Means 'Desert Wind'"

There's a good chance some tortured soul is gonna make one of these videos for EVERY SINGLE TRACK on Earles & Jensen's Just Farr A Laugh, Vol.'s 1 & 2. if you don't finally break down and buy a copy. That's not an idle threat on our part, either.

Matador's Victory Dance For When Earles and Jensen Soundscans Boom

Here is a taster of how we are going to celebrate when the Earles and Jensen Soundscans accelerate, this is just the tip of the iceberg wait till they totally take off then our pecks will really be glistening

Jeff Jensen Has A Secret Admirer

We knew it would be just a matter of time before the co-creator of this generation's most important comedy album began receiving salacious advances. We just didn't know it would be his other gig that would serve as the aphrodisiac.

On a separate tip, here's Aquarius Records' assessment of 'Just Farr A Laugh, Vol.'s I & II'

For this review, we recruited AQ pal Cliff Hengst, artist and co-editor of "Good Times: Bad Trips":
I love me some good prank phone calls. A great prank call can be the most devastatingly funny thing ever - it's just you and the caller, and of course, the poor sap at the other end (who never seems to get the clue to just hang up). Of the many prank-call cds we've listened to, this one stands out as among the most brilliant and repeatedly played. It's perfect for those long road trips to stave off the urges to cause injury to your traveling companions. Reissued as a double cd with 25 extra pranks (the original, released in 2002 was fine enough), it's packed with some of the most memorable and pathetic characters you've ever heard. The middle-aged and recently divorced Barbara, who loves the "stanky blues" of Bonnie Raitt, trying to join a band to spite her ex-husband; Barbara's ex-husband in turn calling the same poor dude warning him about his ex-wife and her "buffet of psycho-tropic drugs"; Bedroom ETA , a "quiet storm" band that involves a hilariously sung Jermaine Stewart song; and of course, Bleachy, a fat black sad-sack who harangues army recruiting offices, worker's comp centers and fast food chains with his miserably petty requests and complaints - so awesome! It's really no use reading a review of something like this; you miss the timing, the phrasing, all those embarrassing awkward pauses, and out of left-field cultural references. So listen to the clips. An original and hilarious collection that you will listen to again and again and will make you "shit your pants". Comes with a prank-by-prank analysis booklet by Andrew Earles and Jeffrey
Jensen. Shattering.

Just Farr A Laugh Memphis Bash

Awesome news for Memphis residents interested in comedy, music journalism, prank phone calls or trying to purchase records while a "party" is taking place.  Andrew Earles (above), one half of the Earles/Jensen comedy duo responsible for the new 'Just Farr A Laugh, Vol. I & II' double CD, will be greeting the public tomorrow (Saturday) at Goner Records at 5:30pm.  The establishment boldly promises "Big Bufords for everyone",  but you might want to arrive early in case they run out of napkins.

Tommorow Is National Earles & Jensen Day

After innumerable delays and despite the best efforts of Peter Giftopolous, ESQ., tomorrow, May 6, Matador will finally unleash the most important comedy recording since Jesus Jones' 'Perverse'.

Earles & Jensen's 'Just Farr A Laugh, Vol.'s I & II' will be available in all it's lavishly packaged glory.  You're gonna remember what you were doing tomorrow many years from now and hopefully that memory will involve spending some money on the funniest double CD of the modern age.  The Man Cannot Bust Our Music Spoken Word.

(Jeff Jensen, profiled in the Lawrence News)

Bleachy Tonight Dance Mix

We are having some serious party moments in eager anticipation of the release of Earles & Jensen's "Just Farr A Laugh Vol. 1+2" on May 6th. We've been looping the sampler, rifling through our legal documents, and sending out pre-orders. That said, everyone knows that a party isn't a party without some bonafide DANCE MUSIC (and pizza). Thanks to Mixmasters AeFlo, DJ Rainstick, and the words of our fave E& J character, Bleachy we've filled this vacuum...Glowsticks required!

"Bleachy Tonight- Dance Mix" (mp3)

You can still PRE-ORDER "Just Farr A Laugh Vol. 1+2" and get a few dollars off of purchase and a free poster!

Found! The Real Party Doctor!

A little more malevolent than my mental pic of the good doc, but still follows the script. I'd like to think he'd ride the deer to safety or something....

Missing man found dressed like doctor with dead deer in stolen ambulance

Posted September 28 2005, 9:43 AM EDT

JACKSONVILLE -- A man reported missing from a Florida hospital was found in

North Carolina dressed like a doctor and driving a stolen ambulance with a dead

deer wedged in the back, authorities said.

Leon Holliman Jr., 37, was reported missing from a River Region Human Services

facility in Jacksonville last month. The North Carolina State Highway Patrol found

him driving the ambulance with the deer on Sunday.

``I don't know how the man got it up in there,'' said Sgt. Robert Pearson. ``It

was a six point buck.''

It wasn't known where Holliman got the deer, which had been dead for some time, Pearson said.

Authorities tracked the stolen ambulance through three rural North Carolina counties and one county in southern Virginia before its tires were punctured and it wound up in a ditch, Pearson said.

Holliman was admitted to a North Carolina hospital for a psychiatric evaluation. Police said they would decide whether to charge Holliman after that evaluation is complete.

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