I’m having a problem with the MP3 download coupon that came with my vinyl LP. 

First, please doublecheck that you are entering the UPC (barcode) number fully and exactly, and that you are entering the code exactly. The UPC (barcode) has 12 digits total, and always begins with a 7. The code is case-sensitive. Please make sure that you are not confusing l's with 1's and capital-O's with 0's in both the UPC (barcode) and the code.

If after doublechecking all this, you are still unable to make the download work, please email [email protected].


I’ve got an issue with a missing and/or damaged mail order. 

Please contact [email protected].


Where do I send my demos/singles/CD’s ETC.?

Preferably to another label with a smaller roster and/or more time to process such items. We are sorry to say that we no longer accept unsolicited demo submissions. We understand that this sounds terribly pretentious and though at least one (possibly two) of us are terribly pretentious, we are just trying to be fair. We don't have enough time or hands to properly process all of the packages we receive. Rather than let a serious fire hazard develop in our cramped offices (and rather than waste your time and energy), we strongly discourage you from sending us your demo/single/cd etc. unless we have sought you out and requested one. Thank you.


How about if I send you links to my MP3/s or web pages? Do you look at those any faster than you open packages? 

Please, don't do this. We appreciate that many talented artists are trying to be heard, but sending us email about your MP3 files is not the way to do it. When people get pushy with us, we tend to ignore them. If this means we run the risk of missing out on some tremendous new sounds, so be it. You've probably missed out on something really great once or twice before in your life, but you haven't let that drive you insane. Please allow us that luxury, too!


Does Matador have an internship program? 

Not at this time, thank you.


Is Matador hiring? 

No. That would require someone else being fired or suffering a severe injury and we know you wouldn’t be rooting for that sort of thing.


I’m having a problem with ordering something from the Matador Store. Who should I contact?

Please send all customer service questions, problems or complaints to [email protected].


I would like to have a meeting with you to discuss your company’s new media strategy. 

Yes, we're sure you would!


I was watching “The Gossip Show” on E! Entertainment Television, and one of the reporters was mentioning something about these new hair accessories — I think she called them Fairy Dust. They are little singular rhinestones which attach in your hair with velcro somehow!! She said they come in a package of 8. She said something about the place that sold them, which had the word “ice” in the title, but I didn’t hear the whole thing!! These hair gems are so cute, and I would love to have some. If you know what I’m talking about, or where I can purchase these, please e-mail me!! I would really appreciate the help. Thanks!!

Sorry, but per the terms of our 1998 extrication from Capitol Records, we can no longer offer any information about Fairy Dusts.


I am an inner city english teacher, and my students are reading George Orwell’s 1984. I am having a difficulty time explaining communism, socialism and fascism to my students without giving a full-blown, time-consuming history lesson. I recall you printed a humorous column some time ago explaining these concepts using cows as examples. Will you please print it again for my students? 

Sorry. Let this serve as a cautionary tale to everyone that sometimes hard drives crash and it is possible to lose your best work.


What are Matador’s criteria for signing new artists? 

Exactly inexact. We've committed to concentrating on artists we're fans of, however it simply isn't possible to work with every artist we're fans of. Believe us, we've tried.


Does Matador sign artists from the U.K. or Europe? 

Yes. Other places, too.


I’ve just turned 17 and was recently scouted by a famous modeling agency. My problem is that I’m a late developer and I’ve got barely any facial hair. All my friends are shaving daily now, but not me. I’m scared it’s going to get in the way of my modeling career if I can’t produce a five o’clock shadow for the macho shots. Is there any cream or lotion I could rub in? I know everyone develops at different rates but 17 is a bit late, isn’t it?

Facial hair is often the last male sexual characteristic to develop. Most men aren’t shaving daily until they’re 19 or 20 and many men don’t develop full facial hair until their 30s. Modeling agencies want people who reflect the real world and one thing which makes young men attractive is that they don’t yet suffer from a five o’clock shadow. We’d be astonished if your clean-shaven good looks stood in the way of a modeling career. There are no lotions to quicken hair growth but a moisturizer will help to keep your skin looking baby soft.


How did Matador begin? What has happened since?

The label began in 1989 when Chris Lombardi dragged the Austrian duo H.P. Zinker into Wharton Tiers’ Fun City studio to record OLE-001, '...and there was light'. Run out of Chris’ New York apartment, Lombardi added artists such as the Dustdevils, Railroad Jerk and Superchunk to the initial roster. Joined by longtime Homestead Records manager Gerard Cosloy in 1990 (and subsequently, current label president Patrick Amory a few years later), Matador experienced its first taste of crazed media attention & big sales with the North American release of Teenage Fanclub’s debut long-player, 'A Catholic Education', though that was just the start of a long running, PG-13 tale that shows no signs of becoming any easier to follow. Initially known as the label that helped bring Pavement, Liz Phair and The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion to prominence, Matador would later assume a role in the recording careers of Yo La Tengo, Chavez,Pizzicato Five, Cat Power, Interpol, Belle and Sebastian, Mogwai, Kurt Vile, The New Pornographers, Jay Reatard, Fucked Up, Ceremony, Sonic Youth, Perfume Genius, Esben and the Witch, Iceage, Savages and many others.

In 2002, Matador joined forces with the UK's Beggars Group. Beggars purchased 50% of Matador.

Matador continues to do its own wholly independent A&R, art, production and direct-store distribution. The label continues to be run by Patrick Amory, Chris Lombardi and Gerard Cosloy.

In partnership with Dean Bein, Matador owns True Panther Sounds, the imprint that's brought the world exceptional records from Girls, Tanlines, Delorean, Glasser and many others.

Through our partnership with Beggars and under the supervision of our UK based label manager Natalie Judge, we've made great progress in Europe over the last several years, including, but not limited to our representation of UK and European based artists.

Throughout the label’s history, Matador has been a champion of artistic freedom, diversity and innovation. The label’s catalog and release schedule reflect the tastes of the company’s owners, Lombardi, Cosloy and Amory, and their longstanding commitment to sharing the music they love with as many others as possible.

2016 update :  sharing’s great, but we like it when you pay for stuff, too. 


I worked with a guy that had a 2002? or so Chevy Silverado and it had a rare factory option, a pro-tec composite bed, I’m not sure if it was fiberglass or what but it was all plastic, the bed, the tailgate the sides, the whole shot. the whole point was supposed to be that it was lighter than a steel bed so you could haul more weight. I have seen a few other that had this option, the best way to spot them is the tailgate, the tailgates on pro-tec bed trucks have raised embossed lettering, with a tiny pro-tec badge on the gate.

I don't know how much the option cost or how rare it it, but I haven't seen many. The other vehicle I can think of is a Ford Tempo with power drivers seat.

OK, this really isn't a question.


Who distributes Matador? 

Matador Distributor Information - A list of the companies that distribute Matador to record stores across the world.

Matador Friendly Stores List - ¡Viva La Independent! These stores have most of our records, most of the time.

Online & Mail Order Information - Buy directly from Matador through the Matador Store!


Who owns Matador?

Matador is half-owned by label founder Chris Lombardi, co-owner Gerard Cosloy, and president Patrick Amory, and half by Beggars Group.


Yuck is awesome, when is their new album coming out?

Yes, they are great, aren't they? But you’re thinking of Fat Possum. We don’t have anything to do with them.


Can you please explain Matador's "you broke it, you bought it" policy?

Sure. Sometimes, it’s called “The Pottery Barn” rule, an expression alluding to a policy, in which a merchant holds a customer responsible for damage done to items on display. 

In reality, Pottery Barn (TM)—a wonderful establishment thoroughly undeserving of such unfair rumor-mongering —has no policy,  but instead writes off broken merchandise as a loss, as do most large retail chains. 

But we’re not Pottery Barn.  So please be super careful in our showroom, or we’re sending your parents a bill. 


Hi, I'm David from MetalMofos.com, I was wondering if I could contact your label marketing representative in regards to doing a CD giveaway of some of the bands of your choice from your label. It would be a great way to introduce your label and bands to our readers, as well as a great way to crossmarket each others brands. Win/Win. It would also be great to have consistent contact with your marketing team so they can inform us of upcoming releases so we can share them with our readers.

I can be reached at my email [email protected].

Thank you very much for your interest in Matador Records.

Feel free to email any other questions.


Privacy Policy: https://store.matadorrecords.com/privacy-policy-cookie-restriction-mode


All email submitted to the Matador staff is considered available for publication on the web site and/or in our newsletter, unless the author explicitly specifies otherwise. Please read the FAQ before emailing a question. And please don’t send unsolicited attachments, MP3s, bulk mail, spam. Or we will be forced to get you. And we will get you.

Please Note: Questions or problems relating to the Matador Store (including problems with MP3 download coupons) should be sent to: [email protected].

General Matador questions can be sent to: [email protected].

Questions relating to the website can be sent to: [email protected].


Matador West Coast
2035 Hyperion Ave.
Los Angeles CA 90027

Chris Lombardi Co-Owner


Matador Europe
17-19 Alma Road
SW18 1AA
020-8875-6200 ph 
020-8871-1766 fx


Marketing/Admin in UK and Europe
by Beggars Group Ltd.
17-19 Alma Road
SW18 1AA
United Kingdom


For licencees and distributors in other territories, please see the Distributors page.


Matador is committed to becoming carbon negative. For more information, see Beggars Group’s sustainability page here.


United States

Red Eye Distribution

505 Eno St

Hillsborough, NC 27278



Matador Direct
134 Grand Street
New York, NY 10013

Our friendly sales staff sends you boxes with love; see the Matador staff list for email info. We ship to stores only. If you are an individual, please visit the Matador Store on this website, or see our Friendly Stores list for shops nationwide carrying Matador Releases or our other sources for mail order. If you are a store in the United States and would like to buy directly from us, please contact Ed Hynds at the address above or at 646-218-1104.


Digital Distribution
Matador does its own digital distribution. Our catalog is currently available at most major digital outlets, including iTunes, Amazon MP3, Rhapsody, Napster, Spotify and more. If you are a digital store and would like to carry Matador's catalog, please contact Simon Wheeler at Beggars Group Digital.



Beggars Group Canada via Distribution Select
333 King Street East
Toronto, Ontario
M5A 3X5

Phone: (416) 362-1377
Fax: (416) 362-1410

email: [email protected]


United Kingdom and Eire

PIAS Distribution
Unit 24
Farm Lane Trading Centre
101 Farm Lane 
London SW6 1QK

Phone: +44 207 471 2700
contact form for email


Other Territories

Austria edel musica +43 1 585 6941
Belgium Beggars Belgium +32 2217 0777
Czech Republic CD Direct +420 2 3536 3920
Denmark Playground +45 33 14 33 20
Finland Playground +35 8 3260 3202
France Beggars France +33 1 55 07 00 00
Germany Beggars Germany +49 40 239 087 411
Greece Sony Greece
Hong Kong Love Da +852 226 41025
Italy SpinGo! +39 02 3659 2700
Korea Kang +82 31 955 2798
The Netherlands Beggars Netherlands +31 3 5647 2455
Norway Playground +47 2266 6560
Poland Sonic sp. zoo. +48 2 28333 782
Russia Soyuz +7 095 267 6910 
Singapore Love Da +65-6348-9619
South Africa Just Music +27 11 803 7058
Spain and Portugal Everlasting +34 9 713 0990
Sweden Playground +46 8 615 67 80
Switzerland Musikvertrieb +41 (0) 44 497 17 42
Thailand Platinum +66 (02) 246 0070 #125




3-8-15 Nakameguro, Meguro-ku,
Tokyo, 153-0061  Japan

Tel: +81 3 5768 1277


Australia / New Zealand:

Remote Control
P.O. Box 182
Ascot Vale
Victoria 3032
+61 3 9329-8850
[email protected]

South America:

Dublín 4215
1431 Cuidad Autónoma de Buenos Aires
Buenos Aires
+11 4522 3134


Arts & Crafts Mexico 
Masaryk 157
Int. 4 
Colonia Polanco
CP 11000 
Mexico City
Mexico D.F.
+11 4522 3134

If you are a distributor or importer in a non-European territory not mentioned above and wish to carry Matador's releases, please contact [email protected].


A special list of stores across the US that regularly carry Matador titles.


Order directly from Matador using the Matador Store.


Our partner company handles marketing and administration for Matador releases, and work with us in the same offices.


A2IM (The American Association of Independent Music) is the US association of independent record labels. AIM (The Association Of Independent Music) is the UK association, and Impala is the Europe-wide association. Matador Records is a member of all three bodies.

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