Steve Gunn

And thus the beginning of a shined-up, mid-sixties pop apotheosis, a state of high songwriting accomplishment, on Gunn’s new album Other You. It’s a journey that can’t help but summon up Way Out Weather, the transformative ambition of that earlier record, its refreshing set of ideas about what was interesting about psychedelia, a love for the guitar as an instrument, but even more so here, on Other You, we have melody, timbral originality, a keen ear for production. Above all, the voice and lyrics take a new front seat on Other You, right where we can hear them. Gunn has allowed himself to be more apparent, like the Michael Stipe who suddenly appeared out of the murk on Document. There’s a person inhabiting these songs, a subjectivity, not just one of the best guitarists in contemporary music, not just a reporter with a winsome observational genius, here, a singer-songwriter, with a first-person voice, even if the songs seem rarely or only glancingly confessional. Now we have beautiful shimmering melodies, great melodies, and also that aching voice, at the tenor edge, and harmonies, singing up front.

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TitleFormatRelease DateStore
Other You LP/CD/DA 08/27/21 BUY
Be Still Moon / Shrunken Heads DA 06/18/19 BUY
The Unseen In Between LP/CD/DA 01/18/18 BUY
Eyes On The Lines LP/CD/DA 06/03/16 BUY
Eyes On The Lines T-SHIRT T-SHIRT 06/03/16 BUY
Park Bench Smile DS 05/23/16
Ancient Jules EP 12" EP/DS 05/11/16 BUY
Ancient Jules DS 04/08/16
Conditions Wild DS 03/30/16
Visions Of Johanna DS 03/16/16
Pitchfork Festival 2015 DV 07/17/15
Wild Wood / Worn Threads (SGHA 13 #12) 7" 12/03/13


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  • May 27, 2024
  • Asheville, NC, US
  • Eulogy
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  • July 29, 2024
  • New York (NYC), NY, US
  • Le Poisson Rouge
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