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TitleFormatRelease DateStore
This Is Our Emergency DV DV 05/12/15
All Medicated Geniuses DV DV 05/12/15
iTunes Session DA 08/22/06
Pyrite Pedestal UK DIGITAL SINGLE DS 07/03/06
The Number UK DIGITAL SINGLE DS 04/25/06
√Član Vital LP/CD/DA 04/11/06
The Number / Pyrite Pedestal DPRO DPRO 04/04/06
Australian Tour Single CD5 02/20/06
Good Health LP/CD/DA 08/16/04
Speakers Push The Air DS 08/16/04
All Medicated Geniuses 7"/CD5 12/08/03
The New Romance LP/CD/DA 09/09/03
This Is Our Emergency 7"/CD5 08/11/03
This Is Our Emergency DPRO DPRO 08/07/03


Pretty Girls Make Graves - 'The New Romance' 20th Anniversary Edition

Ahem. "Brocaine"?

Pretty Girls Makes Graves - They're Outta Here

Pretty Girls Make Graves - It's Been Real

The Final Pretty Girls Make Graves Dates Of 2006

September News Report Posted

Pretty Girls Make Graves - exclusive iTunes EP

Pretty Girls Makes Graves, New Dates

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