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On May 15 Perfume Genius (Mike Hadreas) will release his 5th studio album, ‘Set My Heart On Fire Immediately’, The first single is available today — “Describe,” a track that captures a sense living in the moment through a heavy fog of grizzly distortion and tumbling slide guitars. Hadreas notes, “it started as a really somber ballad. It was very minimal and very slow. And then it turned into this beast of a song. I started writing about when you are in such a dark place that you don’t even remember what goodness is or what anything feels like. And so, the idea was having someone describe that to you, because you forgot or can’t get to it.” Its accompanying video, self-directed by Hadreas, envisions “an end of the world where there are no boundaries, there are no edges, no rules, or the rules are completely new with how you interact with each other and the space around you.”

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TitleFormatRelease DateStore
Set My Heart On Fire Immediately LP/CD/DA 05/15/20 BUY
No Shape LP/CD/DA 05/05/17 BUY
Can’t Help Falling In Love DS 09/05/16
Pitchfork Festival 2015 DV 07/17/15
Fool DS 12/08/14
Fool DV DV 11/19/14
Thing DS 10/21/14
KEXP Videos DV 10/21/14
Too Bright LP/CD/DA 09/23/14 BUY
Grid DS 09/09/14
Grid DV DV 09/04/14
Queen DS DS 07/15/14
Queen (Track Video) DV 07/14/14
Queen DV DV 06/25/14
Dark Parts DV DV 05/15/12
Hood VIDEO DV 03/29/12
Put Your Back N 2 It LP/CD/DA 02/21/12 BUY
Spotify Preview DS 02/14/12
All Waters DS 12/06/11
Lookout, Lookout DV 12/13/10
Learning LP/CD/DA 06/22/10 BUY


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