While many fans took time over the last 18 months to read about the band’s vital part in New York City’s early 21st century rock renaissance, or bask in the glory of their hugely successful 15th anniversary tour celebrating the seminal 2002 debut “Turn On the Bright Lights,” the trio have been quietly (sorry, LOUDLY) working on making sure they’re not just a cultural timepiece for music historians to study. The result is Marauder: an album that sways as well as it seduces, that pounds as well as it pouts, and that batters as well as it broods.

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TitleFormatRelease DateStore
A Fine Mess EP LP/CD/DA 05/17/19 BUY
Marauder LP/CD/DL 08/24/18 BUY
Fred Armisen Clips DV 09/13/16
Evil DS 07/27/16
Everything Is Wrong / What Is What 7” 7" 04/18/15
All The Rage Back Home (Panda Bear Remix) DS DS 03/31/15
All The Rage Back Home (Panda Bear Remix) (Track Video) DV 03/31/15
Spotify Sessions DS 02/17/15
Spotify Sessions (Interview) DS 02/17/15
Spotify Sessions DS 02/17/15
Everything Is Wrong DV DV 01/15/15
Everything Is Wrong DPRO DPRO 12/11/14
My Desire DV DV 10/14/14
Twice As Hard DV 09/11/14
El Pintor LP/CD/DA 09/09/14 BUY
El Pintor (Full Version) DV DV 09/04/14
Ancient Ways DS 08/19/14
Ancient Ways (Track Video) DV 08/19/14
All The Rage Back Home DS DS 07/09/14
All The Rage Back Home DV DV 06/25/14
Anywhere (Live From Brixton) DV DV 06/16/14
El Pintor in-studio video DV 06/03/14
Crimewaves DS 01/03/14
Turn On The Bright Lights: The Tenth Anniversary Edition dbl LP+DVD/dbl CD+DVD/DA 12/11/12 BUY
Turn On The Bright Lights: The Tenth Anniversary Edition (Spotify Exclusive Preview) DS 11/27/12
Try It On Remixes EP 12" EP/DA 07/12/11
Try It On (Edit) DPRO DPRO 06/07/11
Lights (Edit) DPRO DPRO 01/04/11
Interpol LP/CD/DA 09/07/10
Barricade DS DS/DV 07/20/10
Barricade DPRO DPRO 07/13/10
Lights DS DS 06/15/10
Interpol Remix 12" EP/CDEP/DS 11/22/05
Live Session (iTunes Exclusive) - EP DA 11/15/05
Antics WITH DVD VALUE ADD (UK) CD+DVD 11/07/05
C’mere DPRO DPRO 10/24/05
Remixes DPRO DPRO 10/01/05
Antics: The Special Edition dbl CD/DA 08/23/05
Slow Hands 2 [SECOND ISSUE FOR UK] 7"/CD5/DS/DV 06/20/05
Slow Hands 2 [SECOND ISSUE FOR UK 2] 7"/DS 06/20/05
NARC Edit DPRO 06/01/05
C’mere 1 7"/CD5/DS 04/11/05
C’mere 2 7" 04/11/05
Public Pervert (Carlos D Remix) 12" 02/24/05
C’mere EUROPEAN DPRO DPRO 02/18/05
Evil EP CDEP/DS 02/08/05
Evil 7"/CD5/CD5 01/03/05
Kimmel Session DA 10/26/04
Antics LP/CD/7” box/DA 09/28/04 BUY
Length Of Love/A Time To Be So Small (Ltd. Ed. 7” Series #5) 7" 09/28/04
Public Pervert/C’mere (Ltd. Ed. 7” Series #4) 7" 09/24/04
Slow Hands/Not Even Jail (Ltd. Ed. 7” Series #3) 7" 09/21/04
NARC/Take You On A Cruise (Ltd. Ed. 7” Series #2) 7" 09/17/04
Evil DPRO DPRO 09/15/04
Next Exit/Evil (Ltd. Ed. 7” Series #1) 7" 09/14/04
Slow Hands 7"/CD5/DS 09/13/04
Slow Hands DS 08/16/04
College Radio EP 12" EP/CDEP 08/12/04
Slow Hands DPRO DPRO 07/21/04
Slow Hands ACETATE 7” ACETATE 07/19/04
Interlude DS 02/17/04
Obstacle 1 Remix PROMO LABEL 12" 10/20/03
Obstacle 1 | Arthur Baker Remix 7"/CD5/DVD-S/DS 09/15/03
Say Hello To The Angels DPRO DPRO 08/11/03
Say Hello To The Angels/NYC 7"/CD5/DS 04/14/03
Obstacle 1 EDIT DPRO DPRO 03/10/03
Obstacle 1 7”/CD5 11/11/02
NYC DPRO 09/20/02
PDA DPRO DPRO 08/22/02
Turn On The Bright Lights LP/CD/DA 08/20/02 BUY
Interpol 7” (Mat Eur)/CDEP 06/04/02


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