No history of American indie should be written without a chapter on Mary Timony, who managed to straddle multiple worlds—among them Boston's college-borne rock realm and Dischord's DC-based DIY scene—over the course of her early career. In the Boston band Helium, Timony took center stage, playing rock and roll that was anything but straightforward. Matador's vinyl reissues of 1995's The Dirt Of Luck and 1997's The Magic City—as well as Ends With And, which compiles the band's singles and EPs alongside live rarities and one-offs—will give Helium, which broke down femininity and feminism and served as the showcase for Timony's singular guitar playing, its long-deserved due.

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TitleFormatRelease DateStore
Ends With And 2xLP 05/19/17 BUY
Leon’s Space Song DPRO DPRO 10/30/97
The Magic City LP/CD/DA 09/09/97
No Guitars 12”EP/CDEP LONG 04/08/97
Superball 7”/CD5 09/19/95
The Dirt of Luck LP/CD/CS/DA 03/21/95
Pat’s Trick 7” 12/05/94
Pirate Prude 12”EP/CDEP LONG 03/08/94



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