Car Seat Headrest

Will Toledo always knew he would return to Twin Fantasy. He never did complete the work. Not really. Never could square his grand ambitions against his mechanical limitations. Listen to his first attempt, recorded at nineteen on a cheap laptop, and you’ll hear what Brian Eno fondly calls “the sound of failure” - thrilling, extraordinary, and singularly compelling failure. Will’s first love, rendered in the vivid teenage viscera of stolen gin, bruised shins, and weird sex, was an event too momentous for the medium assigned to record it.

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TitleFormatRelease DateStore
Commit Yourself Completely DA 06/17/19 BUY
Twin Fantasy 2xLP/2xCD/DA 02/16/18 BUY
Not What I Needed (Simlish) DS 10/06/16
Tidal: DNA DV 08/22/16
Loudini (Ray-Ban) DV 08/19/16
Spotify Sessions DS 07/15/16
Live at Pitchfork Festival 2016 DV 07/15/16
KEXP Videos (Teens of Denial) DV 05/23/16
Teens Of Denial LP/CD/DA 05/20/16 BUY
Teens of Denial T-SHIRT T-SHIRT 05/06/16 BUY
Fill in the Blank DS 04/12/16
Drunk Drivers/Killer Whales DS 03/24/16
Vincent DS 02/23/16
KEXP Videos DV 12/02/15
Teens of Style LP/CD/DA 10/30/15 BUY
Teens of Style T-SHIRT T-SHIRT 10/30/15
Times To Die DS 10/06/15
Something Soon DS DS 09/01/15
No Passion DS DS 07/23/15
Limited 3-Pack CDR for NYC Shows May 2015 3XCDR 05/07/15


Out Today : Car Seat Headrest - 'Commit Yourself Completely'

Coming June 17 : Car Seat Headrest - 'Commit Yourself Completely'

Car Seat Headrest - New Summer 2019 Dates

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  • June 20, 2020
  • Nashville, TN, US
  • Brooklyn Bowl Nashville
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