Chicago’s Horsegirl, the trio of Penelope Lowenstein (she/her), Nora Cheng (she/her), and Gigi Reece (they/them), have signed to Matador. Raised in Chicago, Lowenstein, Reece and Cheng each started playing music at a young age. Lowenstein and Cheng met through a local music program, where they initially bonded over their similar taste in records. After frequenting local shows together, and Reece joining one night, they quickly became friends who fell in love with discovering music, sending each other songs and videos from now defunct DIY bands and scenes. There was an immediate collective vision developing that would inform what would soon become Horsegirl. The idea of playing together felt very natural and fun, and a further way to explore music they loved together. Now together for almost two years, the trio have played contemporary art museums, all ages venues, and house parties.

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