King Krule

Archy Ivan Marshall has the world at his feet. After two feverishly received albums as King Krule, plus another low-key outing under his own name, this extraordinarily gifted 25-year-old from Peckham in South London adds further depth and substance to his oeuvre with another wondrous long-player called ‘Man Alive!’. It arrives packed full of his trademark sonic ambition and compositional skill, as well as the now-familiar corrosive lyricism and lurid social observation. Marshall has emerged as a pack leader amongst his peers, leading the charge in a fearless blurring of genre divisions, one minute seeming to drag the listener through the trashiest punk experience, the next ushering in a soundworld that’s apparently hi-tech and forward-looking.

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TitleFormatRelease DateStore
You Heat Me Up, You Cool Me Down LP/CD/DA 12/10/21 BUY
Man Alive! LP/CD/DA 02/21/20 BUY
The OOZ LP/CD/DA 10/13/17 BUY
6 Feet Beneath The Moon LP/CD/DA 08/27/13 BUY
King Krule EP EP/DA 11/08/11 BUY


The Goon Sax - US Headlining Dates Aug/Sep '22

Pavement - Fall 2022 Tour Support

Pavement - Westing (By Musket And Sextant)

Interpol - "Fables"

Horsegirl - "Dirtbag Transformation (Still Dirty)"


  • June 9, 2022 - June 11, 2022
  • Porto, Portugal
  • Parque da Cidade
  • Tickets
  • June 16, 2022 - June 19, 2022
  • Moscow, Russian Federation
  • Территория Шарикоподшипникового завода
  • Tickets
  • June 17, 2022 - June 19, 2022
  • Vilnius, Lithuania
  • Lukiškių Kalėjimas 2.0
  • Tickets
  • September 16, 2022 - September 18, 2022
  • Los Angeles (LA), CA, US
  • Unknown venue
  • Tickets


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