“The world got shook” So Algiers formed a crew. Holed up in their native Atlanta, the band—who have built one of the most exciting catalogs and cult followings of recent years—gathered a posse of like-minded artists to create their fourth album, SHOOK. Stacked with guests spanning icons through to future stars, with Algiers as a connecting bridge between worlds and sounds, SHOOK is a lightning rod for an elusive yet universal energy and feeling. A plurality of voices; a spiritual and geographical homecoming; a strategy of communion in a burning world; the story of an end of a relationship; an Atlanta front porch summer party. Ultimately, it's a 17-track set of the most mind-expanding and thrilling music that you are likely to hear anytime soon.

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TitleFormatRelease DateStore
Shook LP/CD/DA 02/24/23 BUY
There Is No Year LP/CD/DA 01/17/20 BUY
The Underside Of Power LP/CD/DA 06/23/17 BUY
Mute Studio Sessions EP DS 12/04/15
Blood (Mute Studio Session) DV DV 12/04/15
But She Was Not Flying (Mute Studio Sessions) DV DV 12/04/15
Remains (Mute Studio Sessions) DV DV 12/04/15
In Parallax DV DV 10/20/15
Remains DV DV 10/20/15
Live at Festival Les In Rocks, Paris November 2015 DS 10/08/15
And When You Fall DV DV 09/24/15
Live set from Route du Rock, Saint-Malo 2015 DS 08/10/15
Live at Cabaret Vert, Neutra Productions - August 22, 2015 DS 07/20/15
KEXP Videos DV 07/16/15
Algiers LP/CD/DA 06/02/15 BUY
Algiers T-Shirt T-SHIRT 06/02/15 BUY
Deezer Session DS 05/29/15
Black Eunuch DS DS 04/14/15
Black Eunuch DV DV 04/14/15
Black Eunuch (Track Video) DV 04/14/15
Irony. Utility. Pretext. DS DS 03/24/15
Irony. Utility. Pretext. DV DV 03/24/15
Blood DV DV 02/25/15
Blood DS DS 02/24/15
But She Was Not Flying DS DS 01/22/15
But She Was Not Flying (Track Video) DV 01/21/15


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