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Mdou Moctar - "Live in Niamey, Niger" + "Afrique Victime" (Live)

(Credit: WH Moustapha)

On Thursday, April 22nd, guitarist and songwriter Mdou Moctar will broadcast a live streamed concert, Mdou Moctar – Live in Niamey, Niger. Filmed late last year, the set features Moctar’s full band including Mikey Coltun (bass + production), Souleymane Ibrahim (drums), and Ahmoudou Madassane (guitar).

Purchase tickets for the live-stream HERE.

(Poster: David Coltun)

“In winter 2020, the Mdou Moctar band met up in Niamey, the capital of Niger, to record a few songs in anticipation of the release of, Afrique Victime,” explains Coltun. “We were staying on the outskirts of town at a friend's home. One day, we quietly set up in front of the house to film a few songs. Despite our relative isolation, the noise of the band attracted a crowd. What started as the four of us simply playing a few songs for a camera turned into a three-night run of rowdy concerts, bringing in hundreds of eager listeners. Each night, kids from all over the city would line up at our door, rushing over after their final evening prayer. These performances were completely spontaneous and wholly unplanned. Thanks to the audience in Niamey, we were able to capture the spectacular energy of a typical Niamey concert for you. We're thrilled about it and hope you will be, too. Enjoy!”

The concert will stream via Bandcamp Live and will launch at 8 PM EDT. Tickets are $10. A replay will remain available for 24 hours for global audiences to view. As a preview, the band have released a performance of new single and album title track “Afrique Victime.”

Footage shot by: Mamadou Halidou & WH Moustapha / Dynamique image
Audio Recorded by: Mikey Coltun
Mixed and Mastered by Seth Manchester at Machines with Magnets

Mdou Moctar online
Official site


Spoon - "Rainy Taxi (Big Beat)"

Spoon has released a new track "Rainy Taxi (Big Beat)" available exclusively on Bandcamp. A new take on "Rainy Taxi" from the 2014 LP They Want My Soul, the single was recorded remotely in May 2020 by Spoon's Britt Daniel and Alex Fischel in Austin TX and Los Angeles CA respectively.

During Bandcamp's 24 hour fee-waiving period today (Midnight PST Fri Sep 4 to Midnight PST Sat Sep 5) Spoon and Matador will donate all proceeds earned from the "Rainy Taxi (Big Beat)" single to Austin Community Foundation.

The premiere of the new track coincides with the release of Spoon's full discography on Bandcamp.

Buy / Stream Spoon catalog classics HERE.

Spoon online :

Official Site

Pavement : 5 Albums On Bandcamp

(photo : Gail Butensky)

Pavement’s 5 studio albums, 'Slanted & Enchanted', 'Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain', 'Wowee Zowee', 'Brighten The Corners' and 'Terror Twilight' are now available for the first time on Bandcamp.

Pavement Online :
Pavement - official site
Pavement at Bandcamp

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