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  • How Hard Is That? - ole-447 - 2000-07-11


“A hip-hop Blazing Saddles with Paul Barman as Cleavon Little and Prince Paul as Gene Wilder.” — Rolling Stone 

MC Paul Barman tries to be sensitive about race, but the ivy league/suburban rap shtick makes that impossible. His first narrative, “Enter Pan-man,” a song about a flailing Evergreen graduate who gets horn and hoof implants to become a club star and disappointment to his dad caught the ear of Prince Paul in 1998. They got together and put out the sex-heavy and intensely lyrical “It’s Very Simulating” EP on WordSound Records in early 2000 which flies out of the stores. His gigging schedule is underway, supporting acts like Kool Keith and Del the Funkee Homosapien. 

Jay-Z defined the four elements of rapping as N.O.D.S., a song any successful rap tune should produce. N. for Narrative is one of Barman’s strong points. “I’m Fricking Awesome” (from “It’s Very Stimulating”) is from the viewpoint of an intelligent young woman named Autumn on the prowl roaming Manhattan’s upper-middle class townhouses and art museums. O. is for Originality. Whether or not Paul is original can be gauged by watching first-time listeners freak out when they hear his songs. D. is for Delivery. Paul’s is okay. He gets away with murder when people say his strain to stay on beat is simply another manifestation of the nerd persona. Lastly, S. is style. Paul has none. To say, “well, an anti-style is still a style,” is a cop-out. 

Paul’s new 12" “How Hard Is That?” will be out July 11, with BM Spawn — er, PM Dawn — providing the beats. Lyrics available on request. There will be a new 12" in September, along with a CDEP compiling them both, along with some new material. Also check out for innumerable treats.

Pre-blog News

08/04/00 — MC Paul Barman’s June 4th performance at S.O.B.’s, NYC is available via on-demand streaming video at Digital Club Network. It will be available for four months.

05/25/00 — Plans for the follow-up to “How Hard Is That” are already in motion, and we’re confident you’ll be hearing/seeing MC Paul Barman so much this summer, it will be as if he was a member of your family. Or someone you were neglecting your family to hang out with. 

MC Paul Barman will be opening for Del The Funky Homosapien and Blackalicous on the following dates, with possibly more to come: 

Mar 31 Carrboro, NC - Cat’s Cradle
June 01 Washington, DC - The Garage
June 03 Northampton, MA - Pearl Street
June 04 New York, NY - SOB’s
June 05 Philadelphia, PA - TLA
June 06 Cambridge, MA - Middle East
June 07 Winooksi, VT - Higher Ground

— MC Paul Barman is currently making jaws drop with his Wordsound debut 12", “It’s Very Stimulating.” His 2nd 12", presently untitled, will be coming on Matador this summer. Possibly featuring a guest appearance by Prince Be, but we don’t wanna get your hopes up. You can get the scoop on Paul at

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