Liz Phair

Full Discography

  • Exile in Guyville (Reverted to Capitol Records) - ole-051 - 1993-06-24
  • Whip-Smart (Reverted to Capitol Records) - ole-107 - 1994-09-15
  • whitechocolatespaceegg (Reverted to Capitol Records) - ole-191 - 1998-08-11
Singles & EPs
  • Supernova (Reverted to Capitol Records) - ole-103 - 1994-07-23
  • Juvenilia (Reverted to Capitol Records) - ole-129 - 1995-08-08

Pre-blog News

Where to find Liz now?
Liz is recording forCapitol Records these days. They’ve set up apage just for her on their site, but it hasn’t changed since late in 1999. I’d look to the fan sites for more current information.

A few of the fan sites: is the “official unofficial” Liz Phair site. I don’t know what that means. There’s an active message board (August 2000) and an excellent selection of video clips. Cool, Tall, Vulnerable, and Luscious is another Liz site which probably has more photos than any of the others. Beginning to See the Light is full of minutiae, including gig histories, fans’ anecdotes, bootleg trades. I Spy a May Queen even features a term paper on Liz.

If that’s not enough, follow the Liz Phair Web Ringuntil you find what you’re looking for. 

Old Liz Phair News
05/01/99 — This just in: 
Matador Records Goes Independent

Not sure what all needs to be said about this business, but, yes, Matador is pleased to report that we have ended our relationship with Capitol Records and are back to being an independent independent. Our press release says, basically, that Matador releases will now be sold via independent distributors and our own direct-retail sales network. All our artists and catalog will remain with Matador, with the exception of Liz Phair, who goes to Capitol. If there are any questions, please direct them to Vic.

12/06/98 — A few months back, Liz Phair recorded some songs for "Sessions," a public TV show hosted by David Byrne... and it's about to air soon: Jan. 2 (or, in some places, Jan 3). Liz setlist = the Johnny Feelgood, Polyester Bride, Mesmerizing, 6'1", What Makes You Happy. Check local listings or the Sessionswebsite. 

10/16/98 — Liz Phair was on the television (ours) this morning... on the Rosie O'Donnell show. Her performance was good, but, more importantly, Rosie and Liz have decided to team up as the new Lavern and Shirley. Hope none of you missed it!... stay tuned for more television, more Liz. Come October 18, Liz will be the guest host on MTV's 120 Minutes. That's a week from Sunday. 

10/09/98 — And now, ladies and gentlemen, a story:

I just took a look at the liner notes of Liz Phair's new LP and noticed that she thanked New Trier High School, our alma mater.

This brought me back to a fuzzy place where I think our paths converged in the summer of 1986 or 87. On a warm summer evening in the dewy hamlet of Winnetka where Ms. Phair and I grew up, my aunt, older sister, and my ten year old self were in an absolute crisis alert. Our mutt Cocoa -- the better half of the duo Cocoa and Candy -- had flown the coop.

Any other dog would enjoy such freedom pissing and humping his way through the suburb, but we knew our animals loved chasing moving cars and if we didn't act fast they'd be seriously injured. (Candy who had been hit twice had already developed a gelatinous tumor at the back of her head after being run over the second time. This tumor had to be drained daily by a tap system our vet had rigged into the back of her skull.) As the screaming match ensued, we recieved a call saying our dog had been found on Cherry St. wounded but alive.

We arrived at a neat brick house near the corner and were led to the garage, Cocoa lay sprawled on a beach towel, panting slowly with dog saliva accumulated about her chops. A small wound was visible on her back left leg. As I moved to approach the dog I noticed a teenage girl watching me from presumably the kitchen. I stored that image in my head.

Since the success of "Exile" I've wondered about that summer afternoon, whether that was Ms. Phair and whether she was the one who saved Cocoa.

Oh and by the way -- Cocoa was let loose as my brother raced to NTHS to get his mug on television as Rock Hudson -- another NT alumn -- had died of AIDS that day. When he returned home I waited for him to ride up the driveway on his bike. At the precise moment I threw a broom handle into his bike spokes and he tumbled into my mother's garden. That night, as Cocoa lay in the animal hospital, we watched the coverage of Rock Hudson's death on TV. Sure enough my brother was doping around behind the reporter. That was the first time I understood AIDS.

Ask Liz about this one if you get a chance.

06/19/98 —The first single from the upcoming Liz Phair full-length is now officially “Polyester Bride.” An as-of-yet unmade video should be making its way to your TV screen late July/early August.... A Liz Phair b-side “Freak Of Nature” will appear (non-exclusively) on the Q101 local sampler ‘Local 101,’ on sale July 21 in the greater Chicago area. Proceeds will benefit a variety of drunk-driving charities (though, if you ask me, drunk drivers should be paying us!)... lastly: “Uncle Alvarez,” from ‘whitechocolatespaceegg’ will also be on a (cough, wheeze) Starbucks sampler of Lilith Fair artists.

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