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TitleFormatRelease DateStore
Hexagons II (The Flight) DV DV 10/02/15
Iceland Spar DV DV 09/06/13
Wash the Sins Not Only the Face (Remixes) DS 05/22/13
When That Head Splits DV 02/04/13
Trail / Deathwaltz (David Adnrew Sitek Rework) BONUS 7” WITH DELUXE EDITION OF Wash the Sins Not Onl 7" 01/22/13
Wash the Sins Not Only the Face LP/CD/DA 01/22/13
Despair DV 01/10/13
Deathwaltz DS 10/29/12
Hexagons EP DA 11/08/11
Violet Cries - The Remixes CDEP 11/07/11
Chorea EP (Record Store Day Exclusive) 12"/DS/DV 04/16/11
Violet Cries LP/CD/DA 02/08/11
Warpath (Edit) DS DS/DV 10/25/10
Marching Song 12"/DS 10/12/10
Violet Cries Bonus Disc CD 01/31/10


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Esben's Despair video premieres on Pitchfork

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