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Matador Records is even more pleased and excited than usual to announce the release date and album details for the forthcoming LP from EMA, “The Future’s Void”. The album will be released worldwide (ex-Europe) by Matador on April 8 (via City Slang in Europe April 7). The followup to her acclaimed 2011 LP, “Past Life Martyred Saints,” “The Future’s Void” was written by Erika M. Anderson, recorded in Portland, Oregon, and produced by Erika and Leif Shackelford.

(photo : Erika M. Anderson)

EMA recently told NME that the album was influenced by, among other things, NiN demos, the heavier side of early K Records, and William Gibson’s Neuromancer, and that the album deals with the digital commodification of our online lives. She says, “I gravitate toward hooks and melodies, and in some ways the structure of these songs are my poppiest yet,” while noting that the jarring production includes a lot of first takes and spontaneously-recorded ambient sounds “to keep the songs from sounding like advertisements”.

Last month the first single “Satellites” was released to raves, garnering “Best New Track” from Pitchfork, who said, ““It’s discontent composed to Carl Sagan proportion, and it’s easily the most bracing thing yet from an artist already more bracing than most.“ Spin said, “it’s a rumbling mammoth that feeds off canned, clapping percussion and waves of static feedback,” while Stereogum noted, “anxiety this ferocious is a timeless thing.”

Today also sees the debut of the “Satellites” video. It’s a DIY affair from EMA which uses tech effects that she says are either “primitive or sophisticated, depending on your point of view”.  This is coupled with an interactive “nightmare media” cube on her website, featuring a slow-motion fake-plant fetish and the only footage on the internet that shows the true nature of cats. There’s further details on the making of the “Satellites” video here (“we shot most of the footage with a few friends over a long weekend and edited it via Skype screen-share.  There were no stylists, DP, lighting crews, catering or make up artists. But we did have an iPhone that shoots slo-mo, a Canon, a fog machine, and a Microsoft Kinect”).

News From The Matablog

Tonight : EMA's Deep Lab Residency At The New Museum : "Does It Still Feel Weird If I Use My Hands?"

(EDITOR'S NOTE : EMA's performance tonight at New Inc. (see below) is sold out) 

"Does It Still Feel Weird If I Just Use My Hands?" NEW INC, 231 Bowery NYC Friday, May 29, 2015 A performance by experimental rock musician EMA On her critically-acclaimed LP The Future's Void, Erika M. Anderson (EMA) unveiled songs about surveillance, data mining ,and internet privacy, all written before Snowden fled to Russia. The New York Times called her "a technological prophet in her own time." In conjunction with the cyberfeminist collective Deep Lab's residency at NEW INC during the New Museum’s IDEAS CITY festival, Anderson investigates these themes again with a decidedly lighter touch. Responding to the festival theme of the “Invisible City,” Anderson draws on her experiences as a substitute teacher to re-interpret surveillance through a lo-fi approach. "Does It Still Feel Weird If I Just Use My Hands" investigates privacy, representation, and surveillance using paper and pencil instead of cameras and computers. "I was inspired by Jason Polan's attempt to draw everyone in NYC. Since some of it is done surreptitiously, it's kind of a form of surveillance. But because it's done by hand, it feels loving instead of sinister." For this experimental performance, Anderson will provide a soundtrack and drawings of her own, which will be manipulated in real-time via the audio-visual app Generate (NEW INC members) to create an immersive projection environment. Audience participation is encouraged.
EMA will also be appearing at London's Barbican Centre on Tuesday July 7 ("I Wanna Destroy (Sacred Objects from Suburban Homes)"), and tickets are still available. The Future's Void is available on CD, Cassette and LP lavender vinyl) from The Matador Store. iwannadestroy.com Twitter Tumblr Facebook New Hive Instagram

FEBRUARY 15: EMA 'I Wanna Destory' at MOMA PS1

Last September, Erika M. Anderson released 'Back To The Void', a Hive Zine that delved deep into the writing process of The Future's Void in an incredibly vivid and unique way. Another expansion of the album will come with 'I Wanna Destroy.'

I Wanna Destroy is a Virtual Reality environment built in collaboration with Portland-based developer Zach Krausnick and the software company Chroma. This virtual world uses 3D game mechanics to articulate experiences not often explored in mainstream gaming; including guilt, nostalgia, family, and transcendence. Audience members explore a changing 3D environment, while their experiences are projected before the entire audience. EMA providse a live score, working to meld semi-acoustic instruments and lyrical content into a digital world.

More information and tickets can be found here.

VIDEO : EMA - "3Jane"

On Tuesday, Dazed & Confused premiered the latest video from EMA's 'The Future's Void', the Y2K-directed "3Jane". D&C called it "creepy"...BUT THEY MEANT IT IN A GOOD WAY. 

"In this video I am alone in a guilded paradise with another bleach blonde creation. Our physical resemblence is uncanny but not exact. Our relationship is undefined. Does she protect me or mock me? Is she my jailer or my servant? What does she desire?"- Erika M. Anderson "Somewhere between the prediction of a fully realized human-android and the watchful eye of surveillance technology, lies a conception of the reality we intended to create in “3Jane”. Depicted therein are the dichotomies between the persona of the artist and her branded image, the human and the automata, the watched and the watcher, the real versus the ideal, and the merger of these dualities. Presented is a dream-like narrative scenario that touches on the inevitable union of humanity and technology." - Y2K
The Future's Void is available on CD, Cassette and LP (limited edition lavender vinyl) from The Matador Store. http://www.thefuturesvoid.net https://twitter.com/EMAthorstar http://instagram.com/_ema_usa_# http://emathefuturesvoid.tumblr.com https://www.facebook.com/cameouttanowhere

REMINDER: EMA & Cat Power Playing Shows in NYC This Sunday

For those living or visiting NYC this weekend, you will have a chance to see EMA at Bowery Ballroom and Cat Power in Central Park as part of Modern Sky Festival. I'm not going to suggest that you choose one or the other, because if you hustle -- you can make it to both shows. Details below:

Cat Power is headlining Day 2 of MSF, which will be held at Central Park's Rumsey Playfield. She and her band are set to play at 7:45 pm. Other bands playing the festival Sunday include: The Both, Omnipotent Youth Society, Lenka, Queen Sea Big Shark, Shuh Tou, Second Hand Rose, and Stars.

Tickets here

EMA is wrapping up a row of headlining dates (shown above) with a stop at Bowery Ballroom. Montreal's Doldrums and New York's The Point will be opening. Tickets are available here. There are a few more shows later this month, shown below.

If you have not yet checked out the 34-page online zine Back To the Void, make the time. It's amazing and should not be missed.

Friday, October, 24 – Barboza, Seattle WA
Saturday, October 25 – Electric Owl, Vancouver BC, Canada
Sunday, October 26 – Mississippi Studios, Portland OR

EMA: Multi-Media Zine 'Back To The Void', Blogotheque session debuts

On September 11th EMA released bonus track "False Flag" which she describes as her "lost generation take on 9/11" on New Hive. Following up that important track, she has put together a 34 page multi-media zine Back To The Void. This zine "demonstrates how it feels to go from being relatively unknown to having a larger online presence, and how it feels when your online self slips out of your control."
“At the tail end of 2011, in the middle of winter, I had a disturbing psychedelic experience where I became convinced that there was a Neuromancer inside of my brain,” says EMA.

“One of the things that unmoored me most was slowly losing control of my self-image. I started out taking most of my own press photos and creating a great deal of the imagery associated with my record...And then somewhere along the line things began to slip...Magazines wanted exclusive photos...I became self-conscious. I wore more makeup. I put a hand on my hip. I parted my lips ever so slightly...While there is something undeniably pleasing about seeing a beautiful image of yourself, overall I felt ashamed...I’d even seen it happen to many of the female artists who I had idolized as a teen. They started out grubby and raw and became increasingly polished. It can happen to anyone. I just fucking hated when it started happening to me.”
Take in Back Into The Void here.
In other EMA news, Blogothèque posted their latest 'Take Away Show' earlier today, featuring "Cthulu" and "Dead Celebrity" which filmed last month at Jungle Design in New York City. Watch the Derrick Belchm-directed session below. The band just wrapped up a week of dates supporting Spoon in the mid-west. Still on tour, headlining dates begin tonight in Springfield. Thursday, September, 25 – Bar and Arcade, Springfield MO Friday, September, 26 – Pygmalion Music Festival, Champaign IL Saturday, September, 27 – MidPoint Music Festival, Cincinnati OH Monday, September, 29 – Beachland Tavern, Cleveland, OH Tuesday, September, 30 – Drake Hotel, Toronto ON, Canada Wednesday, October, 1 – Le Divan Orange, Montreal QC, Canada Friday, October, 3 – The Space, Hamden CT Saturday, October, 4 – Boot & Saddle (Red Bull Sound Select), Philadelphia PA Sunday, October, 5 – Bowery Ballroom, New York NY** Friday, October, 24 – Barboza, Seattle WA Saturday, October 25 – Electric Owl, Vancouver BC, Canada Sunday, October 26 – Mississippi Studios, Portland OR ** w/ Doldrums
The Future’s Void is out now on  CD, Cassette and LP (limited edition lavender vinyl) and available direct from The Matador Store.

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